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Where can you find the most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands? † 6 locations

We travel to the most distant countries to see beautiful sights, but did you know that you don't have to look far for beautiful, colorful images? The Netherlands is known worldwide for its tulips. Despite the fact that the tulip originally Turkey comes, and therefore not from the Netherlands, somehow it can't be more 'Dutch'. In the months of April and May you can visit the tulip fields in several places in the Netherlands. We'll let you know where to go in this blog.

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When to visit tulip fields in the Netherlands

Usually the tulip fields are in the llast 2 weeks of April to first 2 weeks of May in bloom. It depends on the weather conditions whether it will be an 'early season' or a 'late season'. But, if you stick to the last 2 weeks of April, chances are you're in the right place. In May, the tulips are cut and ready to be sold to markets, flower shops, supermarkets. In addition, they are also exported to America, Asia and the Middle East.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands
Tulip fields in the Netherlands

1. Keukenhof in Lisse

Around Keukenhof in Lisse there are more than 7 million flower bulbs to see. That is why this region is also called the bulb region. It is not surprising that Keukenhof is the first place that comes to mind when you think of many tulip fields. The hashtag #keukenhof was used about 2022 times in 659.000. The location was visited by 1,7 million people from 100 countries in 8 weeks. 2022 was therefore a record year.

As a Dutch person you really must have visited Keukenhof once. In the stretch between Lisse, Noordwijkerhout and Hillegom you will find the most tulip fields in the Netherlands. The fields are not far apart, so you can easily do this by bike. You can also rent bicycles in the area or book an organized tour that takes you to the most beautiful places.

Cycle route along the tulip fields around Keukenhof

De Tourist Office in Lisse recommends the following mapped out cycling route. It is a distance of 37 kilometers where you cycle along the tulip fields. The nodes are: 91 – 29 – 49 – 40 – 28 – 13 – 12 – 17 – 16 – 15 – 44 – 11 – 48 – 47 – 86 – 43 – 42 – 69 – 75 – 74 – 59 – 58 – 55 – 57 – 38 – 30 – 91.

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Tulip fields in Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands
Tulip fields in Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands

Did you know that the tulip comes in almost every color of the rainbow? Red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green, but also in white. There are also multi-colored varieties of tulips.


2. Noordoostpolder

In Flevoland (around Emmeloord) do you find such a 2000 hectares of tulip fields. With about 100 kilometers you can take the longest route in the Netherlands here. It is therefore advisable to do this by car. At the tulip information center you can get more information about the route and this is also the starting point. Of course you can also ask for information in advance at the local tourist office.

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3. Cup of North Holland

By the head of North Holland we mean the area near Schagen and Medemblik. This area is known because you can find the largest contiguous fields here and that's why one of the best places to spot tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Know that all tulip fields are private property, so please behave yourself. Ask for access and do not pick any tulips. This is an important source of income for the farmer.


4. Goerree Overflakkee

If you don't like tourist attractions (who does?!), Goerree is Overflakkee the place to be! On this island you will find perhaps the most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands. There are 3 cycling routes of 38, 48 and 49 kilometers.

Cycle route along the tulip fields in Goerree Overflakkee

  • 48 kilometer cycling route with starting point Middelharnis: route from cycle junction 75 to 74 – 85 – 86 – 87 – 88 – 92 – 93 – 94 – 87 – 88 – 89 – 82 – 83 – 75.
  • 38 kilometer cycling route with starting point Middelharnis: route from cycle junction 75 to 83 – 84 – 89 – 82 – 81 – 80 – 79 – 78 – 46 – 77 – 47 – 76 – 75.
  • 49 kilometer cycling route with starting point Stellendam: route from cycle junction 64 to 65 – 73 – 76 – 47 – 77 – 44 – 79 – 78 – 46 – 44 – 77 – 47 – 43 – 72 – 66 – 65 – 64.
Tulip fields in the Netherlands
Goerree Overflakkee | Tulip fields in the Netherlands

5. Low Holland

In the area north of Amsterdam is 'Laag Holland' with, among other things, the Beemster and the Zaan region. You won't get more Dutch, because you can also visit the windmills here.

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You can also see tulip fields in Groningen! You cannot compare it to the above areas, but if you live in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen is a great location. You will find the tulip fields all around monastic neighbours, Wolendorp en Uithuizermeeden.

Tulip fields in Groningen
Tulip fields in Groningen
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