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September 2020 winner

This is our first update! First of all, we would like to thank you all for registering. We have really made a flying start in that regard. On this page you will find two topics;

  1. Announcement of new, 'influential' bloggers!
  2. The winner! The first Lonely Planet draw (1 of 12) of the coming year has been done. You can find this month's winner at the bottom of this email.

1. Announcement

You probably won't have missed it, but we managed to attract a few new 'Influencers' (is that word allowed?). They will provide you with wonderful, weekly travel updates for the coming year. A proposal round!

@Whatifwefly_ – Thom and Lianne! You know, of those whale video with surfers who recently went viral and was even featured on the news. They currently live and work in Australia despite the coronavirus to pay for their travel. 

@whatsournextdestination – Meet Nick and Ilse, real world travelers who can inform you about dozens of countries, especially destinations in Southeast Asia. After traveling around for 8 months, they are now back in the Netherlands to blog about their wonderful journey.

@reisstel.nl – Due to the coronavirus, they unexpectedly had to take their world trip in Sri Lanka, but that was not the end of their adventure! Their world trip turned into a camper trip with a hip, self-built bus. Meet Erik and Lisa van Reisstel.nl!

1. Lonely Planet Draw 1 of 12 Winner

And the winner is.....

? [email protected] ?

Congratulations on your award! you can a Lonely Planet choose a book of your choice in this list from Bol.com. Let us through email Would you like to know which book you would like to receive? Then we order it for you and make sure it comes your way as soon as possible.

More draws on the way!

Didn't win? Don't worry, we still have 11 Lonely Planet draws to go, you have a new chance every month.

In addition, we have some other fun promotions planned with great prizes that will only be raffled among you, our followers via email. We have something to celebrate! What that is will you keep from us for a while…

Until the next!




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