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How do you determine your ideal motorhome travel route? † Our tips and experiences

Have you become enthusiastic about our previous blogs about life and traveling with a motorhome? Aren't you shocked by our previous article about the cost of motorhome life† Great, now it's time for the next step. How do you determine your ideal motorhome travel route?

What does your ideal motorhome travel route look like?

It is extremely important to be honest with yourself when preparing for your next trip. What is your budget, how much time do you have, do you dare to camp in the wild or do you prefer camping? Do you choose the 'easy' road and stay in the European Union, or does your ideal travel route take you further from home and would you like to explore the world outside Europe?

Also include all peripheral matters in your considerations. For example: would you like to travel with children? Consider whether it is feasible for them to get time off from school. Or are you tied to the school holidays? All this information is important in determining the ideal travel time. Keep repeating this step until you have put together a dream trip that suits your situation.

Processing frames in global camper travel route

Now that you have determined a framework for yourself, it is time to determine the route yourself. For this we work with an A, B, C principle.

  • A stands for 'Must see'
  • B stands for 'Nice when we're around'
  • C stands for 'Cool, but also suitable for a later moment'

We use this method to determine the countries we want to see. We also use this method to determine the cities and areas within these countries. It works like this, while determining your ideal travel route you have probably already researched countries or areas that you would like to see. Haven't searched for information yet? Get started right away with the help of travel blogs and magazines or get inspired via Instagram or Facebook groups.

Convert A,B,C method into ideal travel route

You can then save all these locations in Google Maps 'click on the location – save location + add a note if necessary'. After you've saved this information, it's time to divide it into A, B, and C destinations. You can easily create new lists for the 3 different categories. In this way, each category gets its own color and you can easily see where you would prefer to go.

This helps you to prioritize and determine what will be the ideal travel route for you. Not quite sure yet? We have described this method in much more detail in our blog 'preparing a world trip in 9 steps.

For our tour through Europe it was clear to us that Switzerland had to become the center of gravity of our trip. There was so much to see and do here and besides, we had never been here before.

While dividing the A, B and C scores within Switzerland, we immediately noticed that there were different clusters with 'highlights' that were close to each other. This way we could both Montreux and Lausanne, but also directly combine the cool hike to the top of 'Le Grammont'.

Fine-tune your itinerary and leave room for spontaneity

Now that your motorhome dream trip is starting to take shape, it is good to refine. Use Google Maps to see how long it takes to travel between the different destinations. Do you want to go out every day or do you also plan rest days? When you go out, how many hours would you like to travel at most?

In this way, your ideal motorhome travel route will take shape and you will avoid disappointments. Try to gain insight into how long you would like to stay somewhere and leave room for spontaneous decisions. This way you keep the option to leave earlier or stay longer at a location and enjoy it to the fullest.

Create a savings plan for your ideal motorhome travel route

Now that your dream trip is starting to take shape, it is time to make a savings plan. Depending on how important this trip is to you and how much you want to travel, you can decide for yourself when you want to make the trip. This of course affects the pace of achieving your savings goal.

We have now been able to make several beautiful trips for which we had to save long and hard. Do you want to read all our tips? in our blog save for a world trip in 7 steps you can read all about it.

Have fun!

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