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The moment when you actually start recording your journey is getting closer. You have gained inspiration, prepared a decent savings plan and you have already planned a beautiful travel route + a date of departure marked on your calendar! You are ready to actually book your world trip – exciting! On this page we explain where and how best to book cheap airline tickets, how to score the best hotel deals and much more. To start with, you record your 'big flights', ie the long-haul or intercontinental flights that will form the common thread in your world trip. Once you have booked these flights there is no going back and the anticipation can really begin!


What is a hostel? And why should you stay there?

Even if you've never slept in a hostel before, you probably know that hostels are a type of shared, budget-friendly accommodations. But what you may not know is that the uniquely social nature of…

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Find and book cheap airline tickets | 10x expert tips

There are people who save money wherever possible, but there are also people who see saving almost as a life goal. In this article, you will find a number of tips to book cheaper airline tickets. The tips come from...

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