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You are traveling a lot during your world trip and could use some tips along the way. How do you sleep well on the plane? How do you make sure you don't get overtired and travel-tired? How do you save costs on hotels and food? What can you do to travel cheaply and for as long as possible? Or are you just looking for some company or a travel buddy? On this page you will find all kinds of articles that will help you during your world trip, when you are actually on the road.

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Make photo backups during your trip

Do you (like us) take hundreds to thousands of photos and videos during your trip? Logically! At the end of your journey, your memories are your most precious possession. Thanks to all the photos and videos...


Taking care of your body while traveling

Many people have a routine at home for taking care of their bodies. Take a shower every day, put on clean clothes and wash your hair regularly. But when you travel, things are a little different. In this...

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