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Sleeping on the plane | Expert tips

A good night's sleep on the plane is impossible for many. At least, that's what they think. Do you have a long flight ahead of you? Do you hate long flights? Trouble sleeping on the plane? Don't worry, with these tips even you can sleep well on the plane! It may take some preparation, tools and discipline, but anyone can do it. Read how below.

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Book a night flight

Night flights are less popular and it is not entirely clear why. Night flights are usually cheaper and you are also tired when you get on the plane. According to the biological clock you should go to sleep on the plane.

During night flights the lights go out, it is dark(er) and most will rest, more than during a daytime flight. Everything around you is less distracting, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep more easily.

Never booked a night flight? I'd say give it a try!

Sleep well on the plane | 5 tips
Sleep well on the plane | 5 tips

Earplugs, headphones and eye masks

Light and sound keep you awake or wake you up. These cheap earplugs are suitable for the plane (work pressure regulating) and also filter a large part of the noise.

Then you also have the ever-improving ones noise canceling headphones. These headphones are equipped with technology that actively filters outside noises by up to 99%. You have to experience it to believe it!

Put on some soothing music and the recipe for a good night's sleep is complete. If you are looking for noise-cancelling headphones with good reviews, take a look at bestu.nl where they regularly test and evaluate headphones extensively.

If you have chosen a good pair of headphones, you could still choose to use an eye mask. If you have a bit of humor, buy a nice and wrong eye mask from the fake or erotica store. You will notice that everyone leaves you extra alone!

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Eat a lot, drink less

Food makes you tired. Especially from these 6 types of food do you get very tiredso handy for on the plane. Take a nice lazy nap after every meal. Delicious! This is the best time to try to sleep, use that.

Make sure you drink enough, but not too much. You often sleep lightly on the plane and therefore wake up more often in between. Nothing is more annoying than having to pee every time, which completely disrupts your sleep and makes it difficult to fall asleep afterwards.

Sleeping pills or travel pills

Many people use strong painkillers or sleeping pills on the plane. Lighter painkillers also work well for most people. Even something as simple as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Some homeopathic sleeping aids are also proving very popular among travelers.

I sleep very well with travel pills, which are actually intended against motion sickness. These give you a dull feeling. An old-fashioned tasty Dutch joint or CDB oil beforehand also works wonders for many people. Whatever works for you! Of course, consult your doctor and pay attention to the laws and regulations.

Think about your hygieneëne

What everyone does at home before going to sleep is sometimes forgotten when you want to go to sleep on the plane. Preparing yourself for sleep can contribute to your comfort and thus help you fall asleep. Go to the toilet, brush your teeth and wash your face. Think about what you need for this in advance and put it in your hand luggage. Remember the rules regarding liquids on board.

I always take care of a small toiletry bag containing my toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lip balm and a face cream. Even if you are not used to using lip balm and/or a face cream, it is wise to take something with you. On board, your skin and lips can feel dry due to the air filtration system.

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Make it comfortable

The biggest obstacle for most people is sitting comfortably on the plane. The compact hard seats do not seem to be made for this. If you've taken all the previous tips into account, this is the last step.

First of all, make sure you have comfortable clothes, take off your shoes (and maybe socks) and put a blanket over your legs.

Some people like to loosen the belt as soon as possible, but this belt can also help you sleep. When you're wearing this, you can't sink down. I always try to put the belt fairly tight around the hips and then hang in it a bit.

If you also make sure that your headrest is adjusted in such a way that you can hang your head against it. Can you fall asleep peacefully, without sinking and waking up.

Watch documentaries

Still not succeeding with the above tips? Then watch a documentary.

Nature and cosmos documentaries are super fascinating, but can also be incredibly sleep-inducing. Documentaries in which you have a lot of dark images and see stars and planets in particular work well to induce sleep.

Did you know that scientific research has shown that stargazing induces a kind of natural sleep? For tens of thousands of years, our ancestors watched the stars before going to sleep. It's baked into our DNA in the same way that, say, babies are afraid of animals with big teeth, or humans are naturally afraid of big spiders.

What do you do to sleep on the plane? Leave your comment below!

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