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Old but gold ❤️ The best, inspiring travel video ever made

When you plan on world trip If you want to go backpacking for a longer period of time or want to make a long trip, there is nothing better than browsing blogs and visiting travel websites. Beautiful travel photos on you pinterest board poking, reading travel stories and watching beautiful inspiring travel videos on YouTube. You love nothing more than to obtain information about the countries you would like to travel to. That anticipation is absolutely part of it, we understand that like no other!

The best, inspiring travel video

Still, nothing beats a bit of humor. world traveler'Where the heck is Matt' showed in 2008 that a trip around the world is so much more than landing on the world map check off. He came up with this unique, inspiring travel video that went viral for 2008 standards. YouTube was still in its infancy at the time, Facebook had only 50 million users (now 3 billion+) and Instagram and TikTok didn't even exist yet. Maybe you've seen video before or maybe it's your first time. Whatever it may be, the video is definitely worth watching again!

Enjoy your world trip

What Matt shows in his inspiring travel video is that you love your world trip can really enjoy. Not so much by visiting the most beautiful places and taking the most beautiful pictures, well no. Simply by speaking a language that everyone around the world understands: dancing.

Traveling around the world is not about sharing the most beautiful Instagram photos and checking off countries. It's about having fun, getting to know yourself better, experiencing new cultures and meeting strange people.


Matt's video brings a smile to everyone's face. The simplicity and visible pleasure are contagious. As far as we're concerned, it's the nicest and most inspiring travel video ever made.

An in-depth, inspiring travel video

There are of course many more beautiful, inspiring travel videos that really touch your nerve. Also the video below. This inspiring video is not funny at all and not necessarily geared towards travel. Yet the storyteller manages to touch you in a way that really makes you think about your life. Why am I postponing my world trip or travel plans? †I just get stuck in that job or routine where I don't like it at all. Why don't I dare to take that step?” These are all questions you often ask yourself, but usually don't lead to action. Watch and listen carefully to the video below and get inspired. Dare to make those important choices in your life!

A 'normal' inspiring travel video

A small intro, some in-depth words and then a treat to great cinematic images of the most beautiful places in the world. This is a travel video of which many can be found on YouTube, although it is fair to say that this inspiring travel video is very beautiful and well executed. Enjoy!

Do you have an inspiring travel video of your own?

Have you made a nice travel video yourself that you want to share with us? Then copy a link to your travel video in the comments! Then both we (the editors) and your fellow world travelers can join in the fun. Hi!

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