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A Message for World Travelers | You can always dream ❤️

It's a crazy time we live in. A time when a poem about missing travel seems to be the most read article of the year. A time when we live in uncertainty. What will the coronavirus do? What does it do to our travel plans? What is it doing with the large and small travel agencies? Or the airlines? Almost everyone seems to have resigned themselves to the fact that long-distance travel and/or world travel is no longer an option this year. We are looking, and hope, that we will all come out of the winter well in 2021. We hope that a safe vaccine will be available after the winter and that we can do what we love again to dream .

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What we can also do is prepare for next year. In spite of everything, this is the perfect time to world travel inspiration get up and go hardcore save for your world trip† As crazy as it sounds, see it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. Having a goal for next year will help you get through the winter. The preparation, saving, planning and intense enjoyment of the anticipation.

It gives you a goal that you can work on for months now. Start now with savings. Start dreaming now! Dream about distant continents, most beautiful national parks in the world and collect food for you bucketlist..

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