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Our 6 best tips to save money on your motorhome trip + VIDEO

How wonderful it is to make a camper trip. Of course you prefer to be on the road as long as possible. But yes, the biggest obstacle in that: money. It is always spent a lot faster than it comes in. And maybe you don't want to continue working during your motorhome trip. That is why in this article we give you our 6 best tips to save money on your camper trip† This way you can also be on the road as long as possible!

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1. Budget plan

The most important thing is that you start by making your costs transparent. You can only save money when you know how much you are spending. We only got there when filling in this budget plan, behind how much we spend. And believe us, we were wrong with our estimates. For example, we thought that in terms of groceries we would get by with € 200 per month, but this turned out to be € 400. We previously wrote on the website of wereldreizigers.nl about the vanlife cost during a roadtrip through Europe. 

The budget plan not only gives you insight into how much you spend, but also calculates how many days you can still travel with the budget you have drawn up, which is super handy!

DJI 0536 1 | save on your camper trip | Wereldreizigers.nl
Our 6 best tips to save money on your camper trip + VIDEO 9

2. Saving on fixed costs

During your motorhome trip, your fixed costs will of course continue. Depending on how long you are away and what your home situation looks like (are you going to sell or rent out your house?), these costs can vary considerably. As far as we're concerned, the easiest expense in this category to save money is on you insurance† Think not only of your motorhome insurance, but also your health and travel insurance. Use an insurance comparator for this and ask yourself whether you can increase your deductible. As a result, your monthly payments are a lot lower. 

3. Save on your motorhome installation 

Smart investments in your motorhome installation can ensure that you can save a lot of money during your motorhome trip. This is often only profitable when making longer trips or when you travel more often. One of the installations that pays for itself quickly in our opinion is the water filter. Not only will it save you money on buying bottled water, it's also a lot better for the environment. A solar panel in combination with a good battery also provides a lot of convenience around electricity. Also a great option to save money: you no longer have to look for a campsite with an electricity facility. 

4. Saving in everyday life

You can save a lot of money in everyday life during your motorhome trip. In addition to the obvious choices, such as saving on groceries and cooking more yourself instead of eating out, consider the use of reusable toiletries such as the shampoo bar. Saving on groceries, on the other hand, can yield greater savings. By making the right choices in type of products and the cheap supermarket, we managed to reduce the monthly costs from €400 to €250.

5. Save on the go

There is also a lot of money to be saved when traveling with the camper. And then we are talking about being literally 'on the road' and therefore not being stuck in Greece during a lockdown† Think of preventing fines for speeding, parking incorrectly or entering an environmental zone while this is not the intention with your old camper. But the biggest expense is, of course, fuel. By paying attention and not just filling up along the highway, but for example in a village where you have spent the night, you can quickly save a euro per fill up. And perhaps even more important: plan your route. This prevents unnecessary mileage. A tip that we can certainly put into practice ourselves!

6. Save on activities

And the last category: saving on activities. During your motorhome trip you will discover so much of what nature has to offer. Enjoy that. It is not always necessary to do paid activities. During our roadtrip Switzerland did a lot of beautiful free activities. Like the hike to the Augstmatthorn† This was truly the highlight of our Switzerland trip. 

Are you curious about more tips? Then view the article 'This is how you save money on a trip† on our website. You can also download our budget plan there.  

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