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Packing | 8 items for in your backpack

Are you going on a backpacking holiday soon world trip† Then it is important to travel well prepared. A backpacking trip is very different from a city trip or a week in Mallorca. Because you will probably be traveling for a longer period of time, you should pack your backpack more consciously. In any case, these 8 items should not be missing from your packing list.

8 items for in your backpack

1. Reusable Water Bottle

You can't travel without packing a water bottle. We all know that water is healthy. In addition, it is of course important to stay hydrated, especially when you are traveling in a warm, tropical country. Yes, you can also buy plastic water bottles in the store, but that is very bad for the environment† So refill that reusable water bottle! In countries where you can't drink water from the tap, there are often water containers in the hostel, where you can tap clean water.

2. Quick Dry Towel

Quick dry towels are made of microfibre, which means they dry very quickly. And that is certainly useful when traveling when you often change locations and do not always have the time to dry your belongings. In addition, a quick drying towel extremely light and compact, so it hardly takes up any weight or space in your backpack. Unlike cotton towels, they will not smell and mold in your backpack, because they have been specially treated to kill bacteria.

packing towel
Quick dry towel

3. Power Bank

You should definitely pack this gadget: a power bank. You use a power bank to charge electronic devices when there is no socket nearby. This is certainly not a luxury when you make a long hike or spend hours on the bus (and you just want to watch Netflix).

4. World plug

Speaking of sockets, not everywhere in the world you can put your Dutch cables in the wall. There are no fewer than 15 different types of plug outlets used all over the world, so don't forget to pack a plug converter. A plug converter or world plug is a compact box in which several plug points are combined.  

5. Money calling  

Unfortunately, theft is all too common when traveling, and tourists are an easier target. It is very annoying when this happens to you (I speak unfortunately as an experience expert) but, not completely insurmountable. A good money belt will help you a long way to at least secure your passport, telephone and money. You prefer to wear a money belt on your skin, with your clothes over it. In this way, the money belt is not noticeable and it is not easy to pull off your body.

Packing money belt

6. Flashlight/Headlamp

In most third world countries, and even some second world countries, good lighting is not a given. In many large cities it is not so bad, but if you come to smaller places, it is simply dark when the sun sets. A flashlight or headlamp is not an unnecessary luxury. Although most smartphones have a flashlight function, this consumes a lot of your battery. In addition, it is just nice to always pack a flashlight as a backup.

7. Lock for your backpack

A travel lock is an important item to take with you on a trip. Most hostels have cupboards or drawers where you can put your backpack. However, these are not equipped with a lock, so you have to bring it yourself. And I would certainly do that because then you can go on the road with peace of mind without having to worry about your things being stolen. During my tour through Central America I had brought my laptop, which I found quite exciting in terms of theft. Fortunately, I was able to keep it safe and secure anytime, anywhere with the help of a travel lock, so I was very happy with that.

packing must have
A real must have: sleeping mask and earplugs

8. Sleeping mask and earplugs

There is a good chance that you will use . during your backpacking trip hostels, especially a dorm room. This is simply the cheapest option and also very cozy. The dorm was usually where I befriended other travelers. Although this was very nice, sleeping in a dorm also has a big disadvantage: the nuisance from others.

Travelers, for example, shamelessly turn on the light in the middle of the night when they come back from partying or when they have to leave early to catch a bus. You also have to deal with roommates who snore or talk in their sleep… well that's part of it.

Two of my most prized travel items that I packed were my earplugs and sleeping mask. A real must if you often sleep in dorms.

Pack it up!

A water bottle, quick dry towel, power bank, world plug, flashlight, lock, money belt and a sleeping mask + earplugs are therefore real must-have items for in your backpack. 

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