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Which travel insurance do you need for a trip around the world?

Which travel insurance should I take out for a long trip or world trip† To make this a little easier, you can read here which types of travel insurance there are and why good travel insurance is important for your world trip.

Traveling around the world is a dream for many and fortunately also a dream come true for many. Discover the most beautiful places, meet people from all parts of the world and many great parties. All this makes for an unforgettable experience – but before you start this great adventure, make sure you are properly insured.

What travel insurance policies are there?

When choosing travel insurance, there are many things to keep in mind so that you choose an insurance policy that fits well with your plans. To start with, it's good to know how long you'll be traveling, how often, where you're going and whether you want to work or not. Do you know what you are looking for in a travel insurance policy? Then you can compare travel insurance online to find out which travel insurance is best for you.

Short-term travel insurance

For the most world travelers this insurance will not be a good option. The word says it all, 'short'. This means that you can take out this insurance for a stay abroad of a maximum of 21 consecutive days. If you go on holiday more than once a year, this insurance is not recommended. You pay per day for your insurance and the costs can be quite high. If you go on holiday for a week once a year, this is of course cheaper than a continuous travel insurance that is valid all year round. The advantage is that this short-term travel insurance expires automatically and is therefore only valid during your stay abroad. Here you can take out short-term travel insurance

Continuous travel insurance

This travel insurance is a godsend for many holiday lovers. You are insured all year round, even if you leave the country last minute, you don't have to worry about your insurance. You are insured all year round and you always determine the size of your coverage area yourself.

In addition to the basic cover, you can expand this insurance with additional modules. What is important is that with this insurance you are insured abroad for approximately 60 consecutive days. Ideal for when you make a world trip or a long journey (without working there).

Medical expenses

If you want and are allowed to keep your Dutch health insurer, you can insure additional health care costs with travel insurance. With a basic package of health insurance you are covered at the Dutch rate. If the healthcare costs abroad are higher than this Dutch rate, this will be reimbursed by your travel insurance. In some cases you have to cancel your Dutch health insurance. When you go abroad and perform paid work, you will first have to contact the social insurance bank. There it is determined whether you can keep your Dutch health insurance and supplement it with travel insurance. If this is not the case and you have to cancel your Dutch health insurance, you must be fully insured for health costs from your globetrotter travel insurance.

Why travel insurance?

  1. While traveling you often have little to look at, actually you went on an adventure with your backpack and that is all you have. When you are insured, this important bag and contents are insured against theft, damage and loss.
  2. Reimbursement for extra travel and accommodation costs that you incur when your partner ends up in hospital abroad.
  3. Compensation when you return home due to the death of a family member.
  4. Are you going to work during your world trip? Then make sure that your travel insurance covers this. If something happens, the costs are in any case covered.
  5. When you get sick or have an accident, good care is crucial. The costs of medical help can be high, so good insurance is very important.
  6. Reimbursement if you cancel your trip early for various reasons. For this you need cancellation insurance and you can choose this as an additional module.

Ready to take out travel insurance? Then you can here compare travel insurance online. Success!

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