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From world trip to motorhome trip | Get to know Reisstel.nl

All canceled for the adventure

Hi, we are Erik (30) and Lisa (30), in 2018 we have 3 months South America traveled. Here we became infected with the travel virus. The 2 years that followed we saved, saved, saved and prepared ourselves for an unforgettable world trip† We quit our jobs, we sold our house in Bussum and deregistered from the Municipality. We changed from a career-driven couple to a nice corner house in no time. In a travel-loving couple without a 'fixed place of residence'. This is the time for us to discover the world.

Paradise life in Sri Lanka

In January of this year we bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, from where we quickly moved into Sri Lanka arrived. Palm trees, white sandy beaches, beautiful blue seas, swimming among the turtles. Surf lessons followed, after which we went in search of deserted bays ourselves to put our new skills into practice. We slept in a tent on the beach only to be woken up in the morning to the screaming monkeys and the singing of birds.

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Sinhalese wedding

After a morning dive, the coconuts were chopped from the trees. A delicious refreshment after an intensive game of beach volleyball with the locals. It felt like paradise on earth to us and we could hardly leave here. In the meantime we had built up a nice relationship with the owner of the resort where we stayed. He invited us to his brother's wedding 4 weeks later. Lisa already said yes, before Erik could put his objections on the table. After all, we had already been in Sri Lanka for 4 weeks and there was still so much beauty to see outside of Sri Lanka.

The groom's family loved it so much that we wanted to come to the wedding and they wanted to take us in 3 days before the wedding. So it happened that we were rehearsing for a surprise dance in rural Kandy. For the bridal couple, and last but not least, the 500 other guests. Let's put it this way, it was a unique evening for everyone.

All in all an unforgettable experience. The hospitality, warmth and openness were for us unique and indescribable.

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Back home because of the Coronavirus

The days after the wedding, the 'Corona situation' in Sri Lanka changed frighteningly fast. We initially thought we could sit out the Corona pandemic in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately we still had to book a ticket back. All hostels were closed and in the morning the police were at the door to check whether we were still 'home'. A week later we land safely in Amsterdam, less than 10 weeks after we left everything behind.

New start: Reisstel.nl with camper Fred

During the period at home we decided to set up Reisstel.nl as a company, to buy a camper and to make new plans. So we were able to hit the road again 4 months later, this time with our Camper Fred. We don't know how Corona is going, but we are happy and experience new adventures every week. We live day by day in that regard!

Invitation from Italy

Of course we don't hesitate for a moment and immediately say yes. We throw back our coffee, pack up our camper Fred, and leave. We have just been invited by our Italiaanse friend Matteo at his parents' estate just outside Asti in the heart of Piedmont. They would like to immerse us in 'real' Italian life in the coming week. A dream come true.

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Are you curious about the continuation of our journey? Then you can follow us on our Instagram page @reisstel.nl and web site, www.reisstel.nl† In addition, we will Wereldreizigers.nl write an update every week! See you soon.

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