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Traveling with a motorhome (5) | Final preparations and departure

The time has come, we are (finally) on a trip with the camper! Before we could leave, we were very busy with the final preparations and social appointments. That's why it took us a while to get a new blog ready, but here it is! We take you in the period before we left.

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Final preparations

House transfer

4.5 weeks before our departure, we handed over our house to the buyers and new residents at the notary. Fortunately, this all went well. We cleaned the house, closed holes in the walls, removed all the weeds, etc. It was a job, but we thought it was neat to deliver the house in a neat condition.

In recent weeks we have sold all the last items, such as the furniture and the TV.
Then we spent the last two weeks on the camping chairs in the living room because the furniture had all been sold and picked up. But, no problem, that way we could get used to it a bit. We gave away the other smaller items that were still there, took them to the clothing bank and the thrift store. So everything turned out well.

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Transfer of our house
Transfer of our house

You may be wondering where we lived before we left? No, not in the camper. This would certainly have been an option (with the nice weather), but we had nice other options.

We were allowed to stay in the apartment of friends who were on vacation. Our friends have pets and so the nanny for their home and pets was also arranged. A great solution for both parties! In addition, we have also lived 'at home', with our (in-law) parents.

There are organizations that link travelers or people without their own home with people who go on holiday and are looking for a 'babysitter'. Perhaps a tip for the travelers among us. We ourselves have no experience with this (yet).  

Saying goodbye to our work and colleagues

Our last working day was the last Friday of July. The following Monday we left. We worked until the end. I (Laura) really said goodbye to my work and colleagues. Unfortunately, it was not possible to work digitally for the company.

Stefan has partly said goodbye to his work. Stefan was a furniture maker, a profession that he cannot continue to perform digitally. Nevertheless, Stefan remains employed by the company. He will digitally design/draw kitchens and furniture. It's just a switch from always being physically busy and making the most beautiful furniture with his hands, to designing a piece of furniture behind a laptop. He sees this as a great new challenge!

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Decorated desk during Laura's last working day
Decorated desk during Laura's last working day

Car and bicycle sold

Just before departure we sold the car and bicycle(s). There are of course several options for this; a car dealership, a bicycle shop, marktplaats, social media, a car sales site and so on…

We sold our car to a car dealer. We liked being able to do business quickly and reliably. We were able to sell our bicycles to family members. Maybe we can borrow them again when we are back in the Netherlands…

The car has been sold
The car has been sold

furnishing a motorhome

Before our departure we made some changes to the camper. Stefan has a water filter installed in our kitchen. In addition, he has mounted brackets in the garage of the motorhome so that we can hang a small parasol, outdoor rug, etc. there.

I (Laura) focused more on the layout of the camper. I have hung lights to create some atmosphere, pictures with friends/family, put pillows on the bed for decoration, etc. It has now become a cozy place!

Curious about what our motorhome looks like?

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Setting up the camper
Setting up the camper

Check the weight of the motorhome

Every motorhome must adhere to a certain weight. A few weeks before departure, Stefan had the camper weighed on a weighbridge. We weighed everything that went into the camper after that.

How did we do that? Stand on the scale with the items in your hands (in boxes, crates or bags), and then stand on the scale alone. Subtract the weight and you know how much your stuff weighs. We've written everything down. The items that were not included were also weighed and then removed from the weight again.

It is useful to take into account how much fuel, water, gas bottles, groceries, etc. will go with it that may not be in the camper at that time. Tip, get your groceries as much as possible at the destination and not too much at once. This again saves some weight.

On the day of departure we had ourselves weighed again on a weighbridge and luckily we are within the allowed number of kilos. Keep in mind that the people in the camper are also weighed!

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The camper on the weighbridge
The camper on the weighbridge

Practical issues

It is recommended to regularly discuss whether everything has been arranged before departure. Making lists can help with this. This can of course be done on paper, but also in an Excel file or, for example, a to-do planner. There are even to-do planners that you can digitize by scanning a QR code and then erase the written text so that you can use the page again.  

We found out that Stefan's driver's license had to be extended. Because it can be busy at a municipality, it is advisable to take action in time. Fortunately, in our case, it was all arranged on time, for us it is a bit of a last-minute thing.

Our municipality makes it possible to renewal of your driving license digitally to be able to request. Stefan had passport photos taken at a shop that is affiliated with their photo service at the RDW. The passport photo taken can be sent to the municipality via the internet. As a result, only one ride to the town hall was needed (to pick up the driver's license) instead of two (also for the application). In our case, very pleasant in terms of time and work.

A few more things to look at and arrange before departure include:

  • Any adjustments to a mobile phone subscription
  • Good insurance: travel, camper, household effects, etc.
  • Take printed insurance papers, damage form, etc
  • If using medication, get a stock from the pharmacy
  • Purchase a vignette if necessary
  • Read (driving) rules of the destination

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Farewell outings and parties

The last few weeks we had a lot of social appointments. We enjoyed spending quality time with our friends and family. Besides that we had planned it ourselves, we were also surprised. We had a small farewell party for Stefan's family. We were totally overwhelmed, didn't notice anything and it was a lot of fun!

The last day before our departure we had organized a camper warming with a farewell drink. We had parked the RV and opened the door to let everyone have a look.

After all, a whole tour is not necessary, a camper is not that big, haha! In addition, we had arranged drinks with a small snack to be able to toast and chat with family, friends and colleagues.

We were very spoiled during the drink. We have received beautiful cards, with kind words. But also personal gifts, cups with our logo on them and delicious stroopwafels for on the go. Saying goodbye to our loved ones was also part of it. We see it as a goodbye and not a goodbye forever.

The camper warming
The camper warming
The drink during the camper warming
The drink during the camper warming


We left the morning after the drink! We consciously chose not to ask us not to wave goodbye, because otherwise we would continue to say goodbye. At the moment that I (Laura) are writing this blog, we are in our first week of travel.

We left!
We left!

Austria is the destination where the journey really began for us. We drove a lot of kilometers the first days, by Germany and partly Austria. We stayed in Germany for two nights. We have not mapped out a route for Austria, but we have written down the places we would like to go to. Let's go!

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We travel together

Hi! We are Stefan (29) and Laura (28) and have been a couple for over 12 years, so true childhood sweethearts! We have sold our house, have (partly) resigned from our job and are traveling with our motorhome for an indefinite period of time. Are you curious about our adventure? Then take a look here regularly, see you soon!


  • Super cool !! Lots of fun ! We also dream of it, but we think we're too old now (mid-fifties) to just give up everything. Now going to make a plan to retire much earlier, and then make our travel dreams come true.

  • Nice to follow you! We are going to do exactly the same so the tips are very welcome!
    Have fun and good luck!

  • Nice look back at the last period before departure. Still been busy for a long time with anything and everything. Now the great enjoyment has really started. Enjoy it, have fun and relax….??

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