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Worldly | What are the 10 largest countries in the world?

Last time we talked about the smallest countries in the world† in this new edition of worldly however, let's talk about the largest countries in the world! Everyone in The Netherlands know that we live in a small country when we compare it with for example Germany of England† Yet even these large neighboring countries are nowhere near the top 10 largest countries in the world. To give you an idea: France is still just in the top 50 at position #49. Germany can only be found at position #63! It may be clear that European countries are not really strongly represented on a global level when it comes to territory and land area. But which countries? What are the 10 largest countries in the world?

The three largest sovereign countries in the world by area are Russia, Canada and the United States. Together they occupy about a quarter of the Earth's landmass. You can read below how the rest of the top 10 largest countries work exactly.

1. Russia | 17.098.242 km²

Russia is like a rough diamond. Uncut and rough. Sometimes misunderstood and cunning. This largest country in the world, with an area of ​​17.098.242 km2, covers both part of Europe as from Asia and has around 143 million inhabitants. President Putin has been the undisputed leader of this giant nation for years. With a hard and then velvet hand he keeps the land of tsars and vodka in line. Metropolis Moscow is the seat of the government, the Duma.

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Russia | The largest country in the world
Russia | The largest country in the world

Other important cities are Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kazan. The vast expanse of Siberia shivers at temperatures averaging -50 degrees Celsius. The very coldest inhabited place on our planet can also be found on Russian territory and is called Oymyakon. Russia, officially called 'The Russian Federation', is a country that likes to flex its muscles. In terms of size and natural beauty, the country is also impressive without that display of power.

2. Canada | 9.984.670 km²

The second largest country on our planet: Canada† The total area amounts to an astonishing number of almost 10 million square kilometers. Only Russia is larger than both Anglophone and French-speaking Canada. The head of state is still Queen Elizabeth II and Canada is still a country full of surprising nature, and with a very long history. The first inhabitants, the Inuit and Native Americans, lived here thousands of years ago.

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Canada | The 2nd largest country in the world
Canada | The 2nd largest country in the world

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Traveling through Canada you will fall from one surprise to the next. Nature can go in all directions here. Glaciers, snow plains, National Parks such as Yoho, Kootenay and Okanagan Valley, Rocky Mountains, huge lakes, prairies and many islands: rent a car or travel by bus through this country and you will have a unique travel experience richer.

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3. United States of America | 9.826.675 km²

De USA, land of the free! With 9.826.675 km², the country is in 3rd place of largest countries in the world and is just ahead of neighboring Canada. King-size burgers and hot dog sandwiches, from shiny Hollywood and meter-long limousines, from President Obama and sky-high skyscrapers, from Las Vegas and gigantic shopping malls. The country where everything is possible, but certainly not everything is allowed.

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United States of America | The 3rd largest country in the world
United States of America | The 3rd largest country in the world

Many people think that the United States is like you see it in the movies. Fast, money-hungry, hurried and superficial. But this world-famous country is much more than just a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster. Beautiful nature reserves, overwhelming cities, relaxed beaches and delicious food. Of course, some places will look familiar to you, but be surprised by the unknown hotspots in this fascinating country.

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4. China | 9.596.961 km²

China is the land of early civilization. A gigantic country of no less than 9.596.961 km² full of mysticism. With over 9,5 million square kilometers of land, China establishes itself as the fourth largest country in the world. China is quirky and sometimes stubborn. China has been doing everything in its own way for many centuries. Chinese history is bursting with intrigue and cultural shifts. In the last century, for example, it was Mao who completely mastered the immense country.

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China | The 4th largest country in the world
China | The 4th largest country in the world

China is huge, versatile and completely different from the western Netherlands. That is precisely what makes China a popular travel destination. You can easily spend months traveling around this beautiful country, traveling from big cities to small mountainous villages and deserted plains. Don't forget that China is bigger than all of Europe, there are now more than 1,3 billion Chinese living there. The biggest dilemma of traveling to China mainly lies in planning your trip. There is simply too much to see!

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5. Brazil | 8.514.877 km²

Brazil ranks 5th on the list of largest countries in the world. When you think of Brazil, you probably think of white beaches with stunning Brazilian beauties in tiny bikinis. Or the huge statue of Jesus the Redeemer who watches over Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is the largest country in South America, known for samba, football and the famous carnival. The people are proud of the rich history and the different backgrounds. But there is much more to experience in this huge country. Brazil measures no less than 8,5 million square kilometers from head to toe. Enough land for an unforgettable trip!

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Brazil | The 5th largest country in the world
Brazil | The 5th largest country in the world

Brazil has more than 7000 km of tropical beaches, a mix of cultures, special cities and diversity in landscapes. With the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, the famous Iguaçu Falls and the largest wetland in the world, Brazil offers adventures for all travelers who South America .

6. Australia | 7.741.220 km²

Australië follows with more than 7,5 million square kilometers and is therefore in 6th place of largest countries in the world. The country has been the dream country for backpackers for many years. Because let's face it, who wouldn't want to backpack through this fantastic country? Or tour around with a rented camper van? On the one hand, there are the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where you will feel right at home.

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Australia | The 6th largest country in the world
Australia | The 6th largest country in the world

On the other, there is the endless landscape of the outback and the wilderness of the bush. Australia is incredibly varied, no two states are alike. You can relax in complete chill mode on one of the many white beaches, such as on the Whitsunday Islands, dive into the colorful coral world of the Great Barrier Reef, watch crocodiles up close in the bush like a real Steve Irwin or surf off the coast of perth. Are you going to Australia? Then take your time because there is so much to do and see!c

7. India | 3.287.263 km²

From place 7 on the list of largest countries in the world, you see that the land area has suddenly been more than halved compared to number 6 in the ranking (Australia). Welcome to India† Few countries are as magical and enchanting as India, the land of the Mahatma Gandhi. Here faith and tradition go hand in hand with culture and beautiful nature.

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India | The 7th largest country in the world
India | #7 of largest countries in the world

Ancient temples, golden palaces of Maharajas but also overcrowded cities with millions of people and the chaos of the noisy street life. You have to be able to handle it. India has many faces and likes to show them all. Do you want beach? Then you get beach. Do you want mountains? Then you get the highest mountains in the world. And do you want desert? Even then you are in the right place in India!

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8. Argentina | 2.780.400 km²

Argentina with 2.780.400 km² is in 8th place in the top 10 largest countries in the world. It is a country with a wonderful nature, atmospheric cities and nice locals. Argentina is a large and varied country. The country has a dazzling versatility due to the special shape of the country. Within a few days you can admire verdant wetlands, snow-capped peaks, tropical beaches and bone-dry plateaus.

Argentina | #8 largest countries in the world
Argentina | #8 of largest countries in the world

Whatever you are looking for, whether that be beautiful nature reserves, the special cities or perhaps the delicious food. Chances are you'll find it in Argentina. It is a fascinating country. Some people say Argentina is the most 'westernized' country in South America, but if you look closely, it actually retains a very unique character.

9. Kazakhstan | 2.724.900 km²

At number 9 on the list of largest countries in the world: Kazakhstan† Kazakhstan is best known for the comedian Borat and the Russian space base”Baikonur Cosmodrome† From here, launches to space are carried out by Russia. Most of the country consists of desert. In Kazakhstan you will also find 7 National Parks, several fishing lakes and many mountain areas, including some snow-capped peaks. The country is also known for its long cold winters with snow covering the entire landscape. You can then ski very well.

Kazakhstan | #9 of largest countries in the world
Kazakhstan | #9 of largest countries in the world

Kazakhs – that literally itinerant bums means – were the first humans to tame horses and use them to traverse their vast plains.

Since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Kazakhstan has developed into a surprisingly cosmopolitan place, a cultural crossroads between the Caspian Sea and China. Almaty is the country's former capital and largest city, a hub of trendy cafes, cool fountains, leafy parks and wide, bustling boulevards. The current capital Astana is following in the footsteps of its predecessor, and is rapidly emerging as a modern metropolis.

10. Algeria | 2.381.741 km²

Algeria is the closing of the top 10 largest countries in the world. With an area of ​​2.381.741 km², Algeria is the largest country in Africa, located between Morocco and Tunisia. Algeria is a place of mint tea, cherries, dates and immense sand.

Algeria | #10 of largest countries in the world
Algeria | #10 of largest countries in the world

About 90 percent of the country consists of desert, belonging to the northern part of the almighty Sahara. The people, businesses and places of interest are mainly located on the northern coast, taking advantage of the glittering Mediterranean Sea.

Do you want to learn more about the world? Then quickly read on in one of the nice worldly articles below or visit our worldly page† See you there!

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