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Worldly | How many countries does the world count? List of countries + population

How many countries does the world have? And why can't you find a conclusive answer anywhere on the internet about exactly how many countries there are in the world? Counting all the countries in the world, isn't that difficult at all? Unfortunately, the answer to those questions is a lot more complicated than you might expect. In this article, we will explain what a country is exactly and what the difference is between recognized and unrecognized countries.

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What is a country?

countrystayed of nation is a territory with a population and a government, which makes the rules and can use force if necessary. Each country must be recognized by other countries. This means that they (the other countries) agree that the country exists. If that happens, it could be part of the United Nations (UN), the collection of all countries. Not always all countries recognize a country, as is the case with Taiwan.

Disagreements about countries

It's actually kind of the same story as with the number of continents or continents that the world counts: there is quite a bit of disagreement about it.. The number of countries in the world is also often subject to change, for example due to wars or conflicts. Because countries often do not (want to) recognize each other or because 'dependent states' are included in one list and the other list does not, there is another difference.

So there is a difference between the number of countries in the world that are actually recognized by the United Nations and the number of countries that have declared themselves as countries. Therefore, in this article we have three different lists made in which you can see exactly which countries are or are not (in)dependent, which are recognized or not and also a total list of all countries in the worldregardless of their official or unofficial status.

Countries Recognized by United Nations

if you all worldwide adding countries accepted and countries 'recognised' by the United Nations, you arrive at 195 countries† At least that is at the time of update. I am mentioning this specifically because even at the time of writing in 2021 and updating now in February 2022, the number has been reduced from 196 to 195 countries. It is not entirely clear to me which country has been removed from the list, because there is nothing news or information about it. When I know more I will add this to the article.

United Nations Building | All countries in the world
United Nations Building | All countries in the world

Below you will find the list of countries recognized by the United Nations, ordered by the number of inhabitants. At the moment (May 2021) there are 195.


List | all 195 countries recognized by the UN

The list is sorted by population / number of inhabitants. The breakdown by world is as follows:

#CountryPopulation (2021)World share
1China1.439.323.77618,5 % water content
2India1.380.004.38517,7 % water content
3USA331.002.6514,2 % water content
4Indonesia273.523.6153,5 % water content
5Pakistan220.892.3402,8 % water content
6Brazil212.559.4172,7 % water content
7Nigeria206.139.5892,6 % water content
8Bangladesh164.689.3832,1 % water content
9Russia145.934.4621,9 % water content
10Mexico128.932.7531,7 % water content
11Japan126.476.4611,6 % water content
12Ethiopia114.963.5881,5 % water content
13Philippines109.581.0781,4 % water content
14Egypt102.334.4041,3 % water content
15Vietnam, 97.338.5791,2 % water content
16DR Congo89.561.4031,1 % water content
17Turkey84.339.0671,1 % water content
18Iran83.992.9491,1 % water content
19Germany83.783.9421,1 % water content
20Thailand, 69.799.9780,9 % water content
21United Kingdom67.886.0110,9 % water content
22France65.273.5110,8 % water content
23Italy60.461.8260,8 % water content
24Tanzania59.734.2180,8 % water content
25South Africa59.308.6900,8 % water content
26Myanmar54.409.8000,7 % water content
27Kenya53.771.2960,7 % water content
28South Korea51.269.1850,7 % water content
29Colombia50.882.8910,7 % water content
30Spain46.754.7780,6 % water content
31Uganda45.741.0070,6 % water content
32Argentina45.195.7740,6 % water content
33Algeria43.851.0440,6 % water content
34Sudan43.849.2600,6 % water content
35Ukraine43.733.7620,6 % water content
36Iraq40.222.4930,5 % water content
37Afghanistan38.928.3460,5 % water content
38Poland37.846.6110,5 % water content
39Canada37.742.1540,5 % water content
40Morocco36.910.5600,5 % water content
41Saudi Arabia34.813.8710,4 % water content
42Uzbekistan33.469.2030,4 % water content
43Peru32.971.8540,4 % water content
44Angola32.866.2720,4 % water content
45Malaysia32.365.9990,4 % water content
46Mozambique31.255.4350,4 % water content
47Ghana31.072.9400,4 % water content
48Yemen29.825.9640,4 % water content
49Nepal, 29.136.8080,4 % water content
50Venezuela28.435.9400,4 % water content
51Madagascar27.691.0180,4 % water content
52Cameroon26.545.8630,3 % water content
53Ivory Coast26.378.2740,3 % water content
54North Korea25.778.8160,3 % water content
55Australië25.499.8840,3 % water content
56Niger24.206.6440,3 % water content
57Sri Lanka21.413.2490,3 % water content
58Burkina Faso20.903.2730,3 % water content
59Mali20.250.8330,3 % water content
60Romania19.237.6910,2 % water content
61Malawi19.129.9520,2 % water content
62Chile19.116.2010,2 % water content
63Kazakhstan18.776.7070,2 % water content
64Zambia18.383.9550,2 % water content
65Guatemala17.915.5680,2 % water content
66Ecuador17.643.0540,2 % water content
67Syrie17.500.6580,2 % water content
68The Netherlands17.134.8720,2 % water content
69Senegal16.743.9270,2 % water content
70Cambodia16.718.9650,2 % water content
71Chad16.425.8640,2 % water content
72Somalia15.893.2220,2 % water content
73Zimbabwe14.862.9240,2 % water content
74Guinea13.132.7950,2 % water content
75Rwanda12.952.2180,2 % water content
76Benin12.123.2000,2 % water content
77Burundi11.890.7840,2 % water content
78Tunisia11.818.6190,2 % water content
79Bolivia11.673.0210,1 % water content
80Belgium11.589.6230,1 % water content
81Haiti11.402.5280,1 % water content
82Cuba11.326.6160,1 % water content
83Southern Sudan11.193.7250,1 % water content
84Dominican Republic10.847.9100,1 % water content
85Czech Republic (Czech Republic)10.708.9810,1 % water content
86Greece10.423.0540,1 % water content
87Jordan10.203.1340,1 % water content
88Portugal10.196.7090,1 % water content
89Azerbaijan10.139.1770,1 % water content
90Sweden10.099.2650,1 % water content
91Honduras9.904.6070,1 % water content
92United Arab Emirates9.890.4020,1 % water content
93Hungary9.660.3510,1 % water content
94Tadjikistan9.537.6450,1 % water content
95Byelorussia9.449.3230,1 % water content
96Austria9.006.3980,1 % water content
97Papua New Guinea8.947.0240,1 % water content
98Serbia8.737.3710,1 % water content
99Israel8.655.5350,1 % water content
100Switzerland8.654.6220,1 % water content
101To go8.278.7240,1 % water content
102Sierra Leone7.976.9830,1 % water content
103Laos 7.275.5600,1 % water content
104Paraguay7.132.5380,1 % water content
105Bulgaria6.948.4450,1 % water content
106Libya6.871.2920,1 % water content
107Lebanon6.825.4450,1 % water content
108Nicaragua6.624.5540,1 % water content
109Kyrgyzstan6.524.1950,1 % water content
110El Salvador6.486.2050,1 % water content
111Turkmenistan6.031.2000,1 % water content
112Singapore5.850.3420,1 % water content
113Denmark5.792.2020,1 % water content
114Finland5.540.7200,1 % water content
115Congo5.518.0870,1 % water content
116Slovakia5.459.6420,1 % water content
117Norway5.421.2410,1 % water content
118Oman5.106.6260,1 % water content
119State of Palestine5.101.4140,1 % water content
120Costa Rica5.094.1180,1 % water content
121Liberia5.057.6810,1 % water content
122Ireland4.937.7860,1 % water content
123Central-African Republic4.829.7670,1 % water content
124New Zealand4.822.2330,1 % water content
125Mauritania4.649.6580,1 % water content
126Panama4.314.7670,1 % water content
127Kuwait4.270.5710,1 % water content
128Croatia4.105.2670,1 % water content
129Moldavia4.033.9630,1 % water content
130Georgia3.989.1670,1 % water content
133Bosnia and Herzegovina3.280.819<0,1%
145Northern Macedonia2.083.374<0,1%
150Equatorial Guinea1.402.985<0,1%
151Trinidad and Tobago1.399.488<0,1%
153East Timor1.318.445<0,1%
162Solomon Islands686.884<0,1%
166Cape Verde555.987<0,1%
175Sao Tome and Principe219.159<0,1%
177Saint Lucia183.627<0,1%
181St Vincent and Grenadines110.94<0,1%
184Antigua and Barbuda97.929<0,1%
187Marshall Islands59.19<0,1%
188Saint Kitts and Nevis53.199<0,1%
191San Marino33.931<0,1%
195Heilige stoel801<0,1%

Tip: Do you want to get started with the data yourself? That's possible, for that I made an online excel file that you here. can view or download.

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Unrecognized or dependent countries

You may think that the unrecognized countries in the world are mainly rogue states that are therefore not recognized by the UN (United Nations). Unfortunately that is not the case.

Disagreement about recognition

Taiwan is a good example of that. Taiwan is a country we all know, but it is not officially recognized as a country. In 1945, Taiwan was handed over to the Republic of China† Taiwan is not recognized as an independent country by the Communist People's Republic of China and the Communist government sees Taiwan as a province of the People's Republic of China. China still claims the country in 2021. Taiwan also claims to be independent in 2021.

In October 2021, China once again flexed its muscles with its many fighter jets. Taiwan fears war with China. †source).

For example, there are more examples of countries that are actually independent, but are not recognized. These countries actually all live in uncertainty.

Invasion of Russia in Ukraine

Then there is Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine is currently a recognized country, but it seems that Ukraine as we know it is coming to an end. Putin has said several times live on TV that he plans to completely demilitarize Ukraine and overthrow the government. In effect, this means that Ukraine will no longer exist in its current form and that its borders may be revised. Perhaps the country as a whole will even become part of Russia after this war and we will have to cross another country off the country list. Time will tell.

All we can do now is hope that the war will be over soon, without too many casualties.

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan
Taipei, the capital of Taiwan

Dependent countries

In addition, there are also a number of dependent countries or territories that do not officially have their own country status because they are still highly dependent on another country. The Dutch Antilles is a good example of this. Similar dependencies can also be found in the list below.

Countries with * on dependency are claimed by another country without mutual agreement.


List | 40 dependent or unrecognized countries

The list of 40 dependent or unrecognized countries is listed below by population / number of inhabitants.

#territoryPopulation (2021)Depending on
1Taiwan23.816.775china (*)
2Hong Kong7.496.981china (*)
3Puerto Rico2.860.853USA
6Western Sahara597.339debatable
9French Guyana298.682France
10New Caledonia285.498France
11French Polynesia280.908France
13Channel Islands173.863VK
15Curacao164.093The Netherlands
16Aruba106.766The Netherlands
17U.S. Virgin Islands104.425USA
18Isle of Man85.033VK
19Cayman Islands65.722VK
21Northern Mariana Islands57.559USA
23American Samoa55.191USA
24Faroe Islands48.863Denmark
25Sint Maarten42.876The Netherlands
26Turks and Caicos Islands38.717VK
28British Virgin Islands30.231VK
29Caribbean Netherlands26.223The Netherlands
30Cook Islands17.564New Zealand
32Wallis and Futuna11.239France
33St. Barthelemy9.877France
34St. Helena6.077VK
35Saint Pierre and Miquelon5.794France
37Falkland Islands3.481VK
38Niue1.626New Zealand
39Tokelau1.357New Zealand
Would you like to get started with the data below? That's possible, for that I made an online excel file that you here. can view or download.

All countries of the world

Leaving aside the disagreement or recognition of countries, we arrive at a total of 235 countries. The entire list of all countries in the world sorted by population / number of inhabitants can be seen below.

List | All 235 countries of the world

#CountryPopulation (2021)World share
1China1.439.323.77618,47 % water content
2India1.380.004.38517,70 % water content
3USA331.002.6514,25 % water content
4Indonesia273.523.6153,51 % water content
5Pakistan220.892.3402,83 % water content
6Brazil212.559.4172,73 % water content
7Nigeria206.139.5892,64 % water content
8Bangladesh164.689.3832,11 % water content
9Russia145.934.4621,87 % water content
10Mexico128.932.7531,65 % water content
11Japan126.476.4611,62 % water content
12Ethiopia114.963.5881,47 % water content
13Philippines109.581.0781,41 % water content
14Egypt102.334.4041,31 % water content
15Vietnam, 97.338.5791,25 % water content
16DR Congo89.561.4031,15 % water content
17Turkey84.339.0671,08 % water content
18Iran83.992.9491,08 % water content
19Germany83.783.9421,07 % water content
20Thailand, 69.799.9780,90 % water content
21United Kingdom67.886.0110,87 % water content
22France65.273.5110,84 % water content
23Italy60.461.8260,78 % water content
24Tanzania59.734.2180,77 % water content
25South Africa59.308.6900,76 % water content
26Myanmar54.409.8000,70 % water content
27Kenya53.771.2960,69 % water content
28South Korea51.269.1850,66 % water content
29Colombia50.882.8910,65 % water content
30Spain46.754.7780,60 % water content
31Uganda45.741.0070,59 % water content
32Argentina45.195.7740,58 % water content
33Algeria43.851.0440,56 % water content
34Sudan43.849.2600,56 % water content
35Ukraine43.733.7620,56 % water content
36Iraq40.222.4930,52 % water content
37Afghanistan38.928.3460,50 % water content
38Poland37.846.6110,49 % water content
39Canada37.742.1540,48 % water content
40Morocco36.910.5600,47 % water content
41Saudi Arabia34.813.8710,45 % water content
42Uzbekistan33.469.2030,43 % water content
43Peru32.971.8540,42 % water content
44Angola32.866.2720,42 % water content
45Malaysia32.365.9990,42 % water content
46Mozambique31.255.4350,40 % water content
47Ghana31.072.9400,40 % water content
48Yemen29.825.9640,38 % water content
49Nepal, 29.136.8080,37 % water content
50Venezuela28.435.9400,36 % water content
51Madagascar27.691.0180,36 % water content
52Cameroon26.545.8630,34 % water content
53Ivory Coast26.378.2740,34 % water content
54North Korea25.778.8160,33 % water content
55Australië25.499.8840,33 % water content
56Niger24.206.6440,31 % water content
57Taiwan23.816.7750,31 % water content
58Sri Lanka21.413.2490,27 % water content
59Burkina Faso20.903.2730,27 % water content
60Mali20.250.8330,26 % water content
61Romania19.237.6910,25 % water content
62Malawi19.129.9520,25 % water content
63Chile19.116.2010,25 % water content
64Kazakhstan18.776.7070,24 % water content
65Zambia18.383.9550,24 % water content
66Guatemala17.915.5680,23 % water content
67Ecuador17.643.0540,23 % water content
68Syrie17.500.6580,22 % water content
69The Netherlands17.134.8720,22 % water content
70Senegal16.743.9270,21 % water content
71Cambodia16.718.9650,21 % water content
72Chad16.425.8640,21 % water content
73Somalia15.893.2220,20 % water content
74Zimbabwe14.862.9240,19 % water content
75Guinea13.132.7950,17 % water content
76Rwanda12.952.2180,17 % water content
77Benin12.123.2000,16 % water content
78Burundi11.890.7840,15 % water content
79Tunisia11.818.6190,15 % water content
80Bolivia11.673.0210,15 % water content
81Belgium11.589.6230,15 % water content
82Haiti11.402.5280,15 % water content
83Cuba11.326.6160,15 % water content
84Southern Sudan11.193.7250,14 % water content
85Dominican Republic10.847.9100,14 % water content
86Czech Republic (Czech Republic)10.708.9810,14 % water content
87Greece10.423.0540,13 % water content
88Jordan10.203.1340,13 % water content
89Portugal10.196.7090,13 % water content
90Azerbaijan10.139.1770,13 % water content
91Sweden10.099.2650,13 % water content
92Honduras9.904.6070,13 % water content
93United Arab Emirates9.890.4020,13 % water content
94Hungary9.660.3510,12 % water content
95Tadjikistan9.537.6450,12 % water content
96Byelorussia9.449.3230,12 % water content
97Austria9.006.3980,12 % water content
98Papua New Guinea8.947.0240,11 % water content
99Serbia8.737.3710,11 % water content
100Israel8.655.5350,11 % water content
101Switzerland8.654.6220,11 % water content
102To go8.278.7240,11 % water content
103Sierra Leone7.976.9830,10 % water content
104Hong Kong7.496.9810,10 % water content
105Laos 7.275.5600,09 % water content
106Paraguay7.132.5380,09 % water content
107Bulgaria6.948.4450,09 % water content
108Libya6.871.2920,09 % water content
109Lebanon6.825.4450,09 % water content
110Nicaragua6.624.5540,08 % water content
111Kyrgyzstan6.524.1950,08 % water content
112El Salvador6.486.2050,08 % water content
113Turkmenistan6.031.2000,08 % water content
114Singapore5.850.3420,08 % water content
115Denmark5.792.2020,07 % water content
116Finland5.540.7200,07 % water content
117Congo5.518.0870,07 % water content
118Slovakia5.459.6420,07 % water content
119Norway5.421.2410,07 % water content
120Oman5.106.6260,07 % water content
121State of Palestine5.101.4140,07 % water content
122Costa Rica5.094.1180,07 % water content
123Liberia5.057.6810,06 % water content
124Ireland4.937.7860,06 % water content
125Central-African Republic4.829.7670,06 % water content
126New Zealand4.822.2330,06 % water content
127Mauritania4.649.6580,06 % water content
128Panama4.314.7670,06 % water content
129Kuwait4.270.5710,05 % water content
130Croatia4.105.2670,05 % water content
131Moldavia4.033.9630,05 % water content
132Georgia3.989.1670,05 % water content
133eritrea3.546.4210,05 % water content
134Uruguay3.473.7300,04 % water content
135Bosnia and Herzegovina3.280.8190,04 % water content
136Mongolia3.278.2900,04 % water content
137Armenia2.963.2430,04 % water content
138Jamaica2.961.1670,04 % water content
139Qatar2.881.0530,04 % water content
140Albania2.877.7970,04 % water content
141Puerto Rico2.860.8530,04 % water content
142Lithuania2.722.2890,03 % water content
143Namibia2.540.9050,03 % water content
144Gambia2.416.6680,03 % water content
145Botswana2.351.6270,03 % water content
146Gabon2.225.7340,03 % water content
147Lesotho2.142.2490,03 % water content
148Northern Macedonia2.083.3740,03 % water content
149Slovenia2.078.9380,03 % water content
150Guinea-Bissau1.968.0010,03 % water content
151Latvia1.886.1980,02 % water content
152Bahrain1.701.5750,02 % water content
153Equatorial Guinea1.402.9850,02 % water content
154Trinidad and Tobago1.399.4880,02 % water content
155Estonia1.326.5350,02 % water content
156East Timor1.318.4450,02 % water content
157Mauritius1.271.7680,02 % water content
158Cyprus1.207.3590,02 % water content
159Eswatini1.160.1640,01 % water content
160Djibouti988.7480,01 % water content
161Fiji896.4450,01 % water content
162Reunion Island895.3120,01 % water content
163Comoros869.6010,01 % water content
164Guyana786.5520,01 % water content
165Bhutan771.6080,01 % water content
166Solomon Islands686.8840,01 % water content
167Macau649.3350,01 % water content
168Montenegro628.0660,01 % water content
169Luxembourg625.9780,01 % water content
170Western Sahara597.3390,01 % water content
171Suriname586.6320,01 % water content
172Cape Verde555.9870,01 % water content
173Maldives540.5440,01 % water content
174Malta441.5430,01 % water content
175Brunei437.4790,01 % water content
176Guadeloupe400.1240,01 % water content
177Belize397.6280,01 % water content
178Bahamas393.2440,01 % water content
182French Guyana298.682<0,01%
184New Caledonia285.498<0,01%
185French Polynesia280.908<0,01%
187Sao Tome and Principe219.159<0,01%
189Saint Lucia183.627<0,01%
190Channel Islands173.863<0,01%
196St Vincent and Grenadines110.941<0,01%
199U.S. Virgin Islands104.425<0,01%
201Antigua and Barbuda97.929<0,01%
202Isle of Man85.033<0,01%
205Cayman Islands65.722<0,01%
207Marshall Islands59.194<0,01%
208Northern Mariana Islands57.559<0,01%
210American Samoa55.191<0,01%
211Saint Kitts and Nevis53.199<0,01%
212Faroe Islands48.863<0,01%
213Sint Maarten42.876<0,01%
215Turks and Caicos Islands38.717<0,01%
216Saint Martin38.666<0,01%
218San Marino33.931<0,01%
220British Virgin Islands30.231<0,01%
221Caribbean Netherlands26.223<0,01%
223Cook Islands17.564<0,01%
226Wallis and Futuna11.239<0,01%
228St. Barthelemy9.877<0,01%
229St. Helena6.077<0,01%
230Saint Pierre and Miquelon5.794<0,01%
232Falkland Islands3.481<0,01%
235Heilige stoel801<0,01%
Would you like to get started with the data below? That's possible, for that I made an online excel file that you here. can view or download.
Globe | All countries in the world
Globe | All countries in the world


Now that you know exactly what all countries in the world mean, you may have become curious about other fun facts and trivia about the world. Do you want to know more about the world and everything that goes with it? Then take a look at our Globally page† Below are a number of relevant links to articles that might be of interest to you.

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