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8x outdoor street art during your World Trip | Street art 2.0

Do you like traveling and art? Whether it's street art or other forms of art, there is a lot to see in this world. With many other visitors in groups through a museum or along an art exhibition; I don't think anyone would care about that right now. It is good to know that art can also be fully enjoyed outdoors. The following 8 examples of Aruba tot Zweeds Lapland put the term 'street art' in a whole new light. Inspiration for you world trip!

1. Escape Campervans

ROADTRIP WITH STREET ART – Straight through America with 'the Orchid', 'Hummingbirds', 'Bumblebee' or 'Watch the bear'? No, these are not the nicknames of colorful American guides or swinging bands, but a few examples of the names that Escape Campervans to their cars. And that name doesn't just come out of thin air. The American campervan rental company first sends every new campervan to Los Angeles, where it collaborates with the best local street art artists. They are given carte blanche in the design and design of the motorhome and then paint it by hand.

Escape Campervans - Monument Valley
Escape Campervans – Monument Valley
Colorful art from Escape Campervans, USA
Colorful art from Escape Campervans, USA

The result is a unique and colorful car that you can use not only über-cool roadtriptravel through America or Canada, but also have a talking piece that brings you into contact with other tourists and locals.

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2. Philippines

COLORFUL ART IN THE PHILIPPINES – Filipinos have a zest for life that is unparalleled worldwide. This zest for life has a name: Bahala Na – everything passes and in the meantime life has to be lived. And they do that a lot! One of the nicest art forms can be found on the street, during one of the many festivals† The clothes and headdresses with which dancers adorn themselves are colorful and impressive.

Masskara Art Festival, Philippines
Masskara Art Festival, Philippines

During the annual Masskara Festival – the 'happiest and most colorful festival of the Philippines' in Bacolod City – the performers and dancers outdo each other with bright colors and richly decorated masks. And just watching is not an option. Just keep in mind that the cheerful dancers will pull you into the lively crowd. And before you know it, you yourself are part of a dancing work of art.

3. Swedish Lapland

FROZEN ART AT THE ICEHOTEL - It ice hotel in the small town of Jukkasjärvi – some 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle – is the world's first opened and largest ice hotel. Every year a team of architects, artists and builders come together to build a beautiful building from 4000 tons of ice and snow. And did you think it couldn't get any cooler than this? Think again!

Icehotel art, Sweden
Icehotel art, Sweden

The frozen rooms are redesigned every year by leading artists, making the hotel one of swedish most large and unique private art exhibitions. An unforgettable overnight stay. And if sleeping in an icy environment is just a step too far, know that guided tours are given during the day where you get an explanation of the origin and story behind the art, after which you can marvel at the frozen art in the rooms on your own . And don't forget to round off your visit with a delicious drink in the ice bar!

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4. Ottawa

VIVID URBAN DOCTOR SCENE – On every corner of the Canadian In the capital, a new surprise awaits you… beautiful street art with murals, sculptures and graffiti. Ottawa's streetscape and beautiful green spaces come alive with these unique creations! A neighborhood that is ideal for a urban art crawl is the historic neighborhood of ByWard Market. A hotbed of creativity. Follow the murals along Dalhouse Street. See the giant whale and its hunter on the corner of George Street and don't miss the mythical animals next to Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market. But statues also adorn the streets in this district.

Ottawa Street Art, Canada
Ottawa Street Art, Canada

Look for the 14 small bronze statues of street cats in and around the Murray Street parking garage. Look up at the ByWard Market building to see a whimsical papier-mâché image that depicts a cloud containing the market vendors of yesteryear. And walk through the beautiful and peaceful Jeanne D'Arc courtyard where the Dancing Bear is perfectly posed for a selfie (and a hug!).

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5. The French Atlantic Coast

ART FOREST – If you only expect trees in the forest, you are mistaken. In the Natural Park 'Landes of Gascony' a total of 21 works of art are hidden on the French Atlantic Coast, depicting the history and landscapes of the entire region. The artists invited to add a work of art to the collection are selected by curators and are usually participants of regional 'Artist-in-Residence' programs. The aim of the project “La Forêt d'Art Contemporain”, set up since 2009, is to create contemporary art in a natural environment and in a regional context and to make modern art accessible to a wider audience through this special approach.

Art Forest in France
Art Forest in France

The forest is far from being 'mature'. In the coming years, various exhibitions will be organized that will adorn this largest continuous forest in Western Europe.

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TEXAN RURAL ART - The city Texas in the USA has many classic sights. But what few know is that the state also has some slightly hysterical attractions. Want to get to know the Lone Star State from a whole new side? Then visit Marfa in West Texas. This town has an irresistible appeal to hipsters, painters, writers, designers, art lovers and celebrities. In the many galleries and stylish cafes they share their ideas about and passion for the art. Here you will also find the luxury store Prada, built by an artist duo as a critique of the consumptive Western world.

Or head to Amarillo in the north of the Lone Star State. Take ten old Cadillacs, dig them half in the middle of a cornfield and paint the whole thing in all the colors of the rainbow and you're done with the Cadillac Ranch. What started in 1974 as an installation by the members of the art group Ant Farm, has since changed daily due to the visitors who paint their own colorful contribution over it. 

7. Dusseldorf

RUBY HOTELS – STREET ART AND THEATER – While Kiefernstrasse was notorious for its squatters and riots in the 80s, today it is a reason for street art lovers to travel to Düsseldorf. The street is only about 200 meters long, but almost all the houses are painted from top to bottom by various known and unknown street art artists. And of course you want to sleep in a hotel where art is part of the daily DNA. Place-to-be is then it Ruby Lenic† Tucked away in a leafy street, the hotel is just a three-minute walk from the famous Königsallee. In the 50s, it was home to the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, which quickly made a name for itself as one of the leading theater stages in Europe.

Ruby Leny Kunst Hotel, Duesseldorf
Ruby Leny Kunst Hotel, Duesseldorf

Ruby Leni is named after Helena from Goethe's masterpiece Faust. This groundbreaking piece premiered here before it became a classic film. The 'Forum Freies Theater' located in the basement still reminds of the old theater times. But the theatrical history from the fifties also exudes the theatrical history from the fifties in the interior of the hotel and the decoration of the rooms and public areas.

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8. Aruba

BUCUTI & TARA BEACH RESORT – THEATER UNDER THE STARRY SKY – Film is art and at it Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort op Aruba they understand that like no other. A special team selects the most beautiful classic films. Comfortable loungers, feet in the sand, the sound of the sea as background noise and above you a beautiful starry sky.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort - Artfilms
Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort – Artfilms

And while you sip your cocktail and immerse yourself in the stories of the great film classics, you suddenly realize… Film is Art with a Big K.

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