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Discover Bern by train | City trip or nature, you can do both in Bern

In the category: dreams about traveling for when the weather is allowed again, we have a good suggestion close to home! The nice thing is, you don't have to choose between city trip or nature, because in this city you can do both. We are talking about Bern, the capital of Switzerland. This beautiful old town is located on the clear blue river Aare. In addition, you can be in the middle of the nature of the 'Bernese Oberland' within an hour. Think: swimming in clear blue lakes and hiking over beautiful mountain peaks. Discover Bern by train.

Old Bern

We will of course start with the Old Town. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983. What a charm! Especially the underground shops, restaurants and bars stand out, they are very unique and definitely worth a visit. That way you immediately get in the mood. Make sure you bring enough money, because Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe. So shopping and hopping on terraces is not cheap here.

When you think of Switzerland, you often think of chocolate and cheese. But did you know that Bern is known for beer? Tip: Beer and snack bar Barbiere.

In addition, Bern offers a number of highlights that you should not miss during your visit. One of the most famous sights is the 'Zytglogge'. This former city gate has even served as a prison and is now mainly a beautiful building that you cannot ignore. Around the Zytglogge you will find the main street, which already contains some of the 102 fountains in Bern. In the old center you will find 11. Each one very special!

Besides Albert Einstein - whose old house you can admire (the Einsteinhaus, where he worked on the theory of relativity) - the city is known for 'the bear'. The name 'Bern' comes from 'Duke Berthold V of Zähringen', who according to legend named the city after the first animal he killed during his hunt. So the bear! You can still admire the bear in the city. Not in a zoo, but in the Bärengraben. A large area around the river Aare.

Do as the locals do in Bern

There is also no shortage of trendy coffee shops. In the hip student district Länggasse you will find Coffee Sattler, where you can enjoy delicious coffee around the corner Gelateria di Berna You can also find the best ice cream in Bern!

Floating on the Aare

As far as we are concerned an absolute Must do when you are in Bern in the summer: float on the Aare. You can't miss the river Aare, the water sparkles beautifully clear blue through the city. How cool is it that on a hot summer day you sit in a inflatable tyre, rowing boat or swimming from one side of the old center can be carried by the strong current to the other side of the center?

Here you can read what else you can do things to do in Bern and we give you tips where you can sleep.

Beautiful nature in the Bern area: Bernese Oberland

If you do go to Bern by train, then you can't skip the Bernese Oberland area! You can travel from Bern to Interlaken in an hour by train and that is the ideal starting point to explore the beautiful nature. Think of the Oeschinensee, Lauterbrunnen and many beautiful hikes!

We find it difficult to choose, but in our opinion you cannot skip the hike to the 'Augstmatthorn'. You walk on the beautiful ridge, with the clear blue Brienzersee in view. You look your eyes out! With a bit of luck you will also encounter a group of ibex. And to cool off, you can then take a dip in the beautiful blue lake that you have been overlooking all day. Here you can read 11 more tips what you can do in environment 'Bernese Oberland' and where you can stay overnight.

Train to Bern

From Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central and Arnhem you can travel to Bern by train. You only have to transfer 1x and in about 8 hours you are in Bern by train. This is possible from €40 one way. View your options via NS International.

Do you want to travel on from Bern to Interlaken to explore the 'Berner Oberland' area from there, that's possible! From Bern to Interlaken it is about an hour by train. You can then take the same train back from Interlaken to Arnhem, Utrecht Central and Amsterdam Central.

Lots of fun!

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