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Can you help yourself through the winter? | Enjoy photos and write about travel ❤️

It's raining, the wind is blowing, the sky is gray and winter is just around the corner. That in itself is already spicy for many Dutch people and especially now during all the corona misery, the upcoming winter and traveling seem hopeless. In a way it is, we all have no idea when we can travel 'normally' again. When you think back to all your beautiful travels in recent years, you realize again how great it was, how lucky you were to be able to experience that. It's often the little things on a trip that you completely forgot, but that suddenly come to mind when you look back at your photos. That gives a nice feeling. Even after your trip you can still reminisce about your experiences! That is why we would like to let you experience that same feeling again. Can you help yourself through the winter? and write about a nice trip ❤️

Help yourself through the winter

Turn on the heating or fireplace. A candle or two for the atmosphere. Make a cup of tea and provide a nice pack of winter cookies, such as speculaas. Turn off the TV and play nice, relaxed music without text. The Spotify playlists Lazy Jazz Cat en Pure Mellow Jazz are two very nice, relaxed playlists to completely unwind.

Enjoying your own travel photos

Tonight you go back in time, in peace, enjoy your most beautiful travel photos. Just make time for this! You can hang in front of the TV all winter long. Grab your laptop or find the photos in your cloud. Search for your favorite destinations and enjoy scrolling through your photos, remembering those unforgettable moments that you almost forgot. Enjoy your most beautiful travel photos, reminisce. Set the best photos aside immediately, because you will use them later. Not only to write, but also to look back more often!

Your best photos as a screensaver

And not on your laptop, but on your Smart TV! For years I have had my most beautiful travel photos as a screen saver on the TV, right in the middle of the living room. My partner and I regularly catch ourselves staring at the TV for half an hour or more. This is because after stopping a Netflix episode, we get lost in the most beautiful travel photos we have collected over the past 15 years, because they then play automatically!

That way, our countless happy memories are never far away. I can recommend everyone to set this up yourself at home, you will be surprised how many hours of fun you will get out of all your old photos, especially on the dark winter days. How you do that exactly (it can be done in different ways) I will explain and explain in a separate blog next week. Keep an eye on our website and socials!

Write about your unforgettable journey

Now that you have collected some beautiful photos and know which place or country you want to write about, you can start. Grab your best travel photos again. Think of fun experiences, must-sees, setbacks, unforgettable moments and think of all those lovely people you've met all over the world. It doesn't really matter what topic you write about, as long as it really comes from within yourself. This is your chance to really tell us how you experienced your trip! In the first instance, you just write for yourself, great to get through the winter or to share on social media. But if you'd like to share further: here on Wereldreizigers.nl we still have a place for you. A travel-loving audience is waiting for you – tens of thousands of visitors and members who, just like you, want to dream about a beautiful trip again. Reading inspiring travel stories from other travelers, we love nothing more and you probably do too!

Submit your travel stories as a guest blogger

So if you'd like to appeal to a wider audience with your travel stories, send it in! The most beautiful travel stories submitted will be selected and published on our website. Of course, if you wish, you can also use your own socials such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. so that people can follow you – if you like.

Would you like to submit a travel story for publication? Then it must comply with a few (simple) rules.

  • The travel story is really your own!
  • You took the photos yourself or you have the rights to them.
  • The photos are as large as possible, preferably the original size.
  • The text clearly indicates where which photo belongs (photo 1 here, photo 2 there, etc.)
  • The story is at least 750 words long.
  • You send in your story via email, Word file and/or WeTransfer.
  • You can send it to the email address: [email protected]
  • Optionally, add your socials and/or personal blog so that readers can follow you.

Want to see how other guest bloggers have fared? Take a look at the author pages of Ilse and Nick, whatifwefly en travel set† All three blog on a regular basis Wereldreizigers.nl as seen on our home page† Want to see what other one-time guest blogs look like? Look here .

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