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Itinerary Western Sardinia | VANLIFE Motorhome route

The island of Sardinia is known for its clear blue sea, beautiful beaches and varied nature. We have spent 4 weeks on the island with our camper and take you on our route along the west coast of the island.

Porto Torres

If you the boat from Barcelona to Sardinia you will arrive in the town of Porto Torres. The first sight of this town may be a bit gray as the boat arrives in the industrial area. But the center of Porto Torres is cozy and from many streets you have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. Wandering around this town for a few hours is therefore a great start to start the journey on Sardinia† If only to go to the store to stock up on delicious Italian pastas.

The boat from Barcelona to Sardinia
The boat from Barcelona to Sardinia


From Porto Torres you can reach the town of Alghero within an hour. In this relatively large place, the old center is located on the coast. Here you can wander through the small streets, view the city walls and enjoy the cozy terraces. Unfortunately, the latter were not open with us due to corona, but we spotted more than enough fun options!

From Alghero you can also visit the caves of Neptunes. Unfortunately, we were unable to do this due to the corona virus.


A beautiful coastal route leads from Alghero to the town of Bosa. The road has been built high along the coast, so you have a beautiful view of the clear blue water while driving. Definitely worth stopping every now and then during the ride and, for example, having lunch in one of the parking lots. We drove this road in April, the time when the island is in full bloom. The mountain landscape on the other side of the road was therefore often yellow from all the yellow flowers that grow against the mountains.

Road to Bosa
On the way to Bosa

Once you have arrived in Bosa, you will see a very colorful village with a castle towering above it. You can easily park your camper along the river Temo that runs right through the village. From the arch bridge (dating from 1871!) you have a very nice view over Bosa (and the many old warehouses along the river) and from there you can walk into the village. The many small streets uphill easily lead you to the castle.



The road from Bosa to the south of the island then leads you a bit inland. We stayed overnight in Cuglieri, a traditional Sardinian mountain village where you can escape the wind for a while. Since we have a camper with a lifting roof, the strong wind in Sardinia regularly means that we have to keep the lifting roof closed. A village like Cuglieri is therefore a welcome change every now and then!

Camperplace Sardinia
Camper place to shelter from the wind

From Cuglieri we then drove to Sinis. This peninsula offers a beautiful hiking route to one of the many Nuraghi in Sardinia. These towers date from the period 2000 – 700 BC and probably served as defense towers. Sardinia has about 7000. You can also visit old Roman ruins here, where even a number of old pillars are still standing.

Near the peninsula is also a saltwater lake just below Oristano, the habitat of a large number of flamingos (Sardinia has a very large flamingo population). The hiking app Komoot offers beautiful routes along this lake, for example we did one that started at the horse resort, led our cross-farming area to the saltwater lake and guided us back to the parking lot via the coast (in about 2,5 hours).

Flamingos in Sardinia
Flamingos in Sardinia


From the flamingo lake we then drove on to the mountain village of Guspini. We chose this to avoid the wind at the coast again, but you can also drive further south via the coast and visit beautiful dune areas. From Guspini there is another beautiful walking route that can be consulted via the Komoot app. The walking route leads you right through the village and then via a mountain path to the next village Arbus. From here you will be led down through agricultural area to return to your starting point after 14 km. We thought this was a very nice way to see more of the area.

Hiking at Guspini
Hiking at Guspini


After Guspini we drove on to Domusnovas. This place is known for its cave, which people used to drive through even by car. Unfortunately the cave was closed with us due to corona but definitely worth visiting the area. The rocky area shows completely different from Guspini and is really a paradise for climbers.


Sant'Antioco is the peninsula that is located in the south-west of Sardinia. You can enter the island via a long bridge. It doesn't look that big on the map, but if you want to drive around the island you will lose an hour. When you enter the island, you enter Sant'Antioco, a nice harbor town which is definitely worth a visit. Once again you have all kinds of cozy terraces and a beautiful shopping street with all kinds of dense trees that can provide wonderful cooling in the summer. We drove from this town to the other side of the island where you have all kinds of beautiful bays and spent the night here. It is very quiet here, especially in the low season, so there is a good chance that you have a bay to yourself.


Our roadtrip through the west of Sardinia ended in Cagliari, the capital of the island. This busy city does not immediately look beautiful, but if you, for example, park the camper on the east side of the city on the beach promenade you will quickly see the liveliness of the city. Here it is bursting with beach bars, sporting Sardinians, kite surfers and people strolling (and flamingos!). And perhaps not unimportant for motor home; you can park there for free, stay overnight and ride into the center by bike. The old center – Castello – can easily be explored on foot and is a nice way to have a nice view over the city. So really recommended!

Parking your camper on the coast in Sardinia
Parking your camper on the coast in Sardinia



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