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Push your limits by traveling and working abroad!

You can discover the world in many ways. For example, go backpacking in Asia, do volunteer work in Ghana, give ski lessons in Austria or work in Valencia† Traveling and working abroad are great ways to step out of your comfort zone and experience personal growth. An adventure should therefore not be missing on your bucket list. Read on to find inspiration for your next experience abroad! 

Au pair work abroad

Do you enjoy working with children and do you like to travel? Then au pair work abroad is really something for you! As an au pair you help the family with the care and care of the children. In return, you receive board and lodging and 'pocket money' (salary). Because of course you live with the family, you pick up a lot of the culture and it is the perfect opportunity to learn to speak a new language well! In your spare time, make new international friends and travel around the country together. Because you earn money, you can make a lot of trips in your spare time. You will also always have a holiday address, because after this adventure you will have an extra family abroad!

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Permanent job abroad

Are you ready to settle down after all those years of traveling, but don't you want to stay in the Netherlands? Or have you always dreamed of starting a career abroad? Then a permanent job abroad is really something for you! A permanent job abroad is the perfect way to develop yourself both personally and professionally. By working in another country, you naturally learn to speak another language perfectly, you get to experience a new culture and you build up an international network. With your new friends you can discover your destination on the weekends through the coolest roadtrips to plan. This sounds great right? Another advantage: working abroad looks great on your resume! 

Digital Nomad / Freelance work

If you want to look for a job abroad that is still under your control, take a look at the freelance vacancies page of Jooble† Life as a Digital Nomad gives you a lot of freedom. You work where and when you want! Set your own hours and work on the beach or in the mountains while enjoying a beautiful view. Who would not want that?

Working abroad looks good on your CV
Working abroad looks good on your CV

Holiday work abroad 

Are you still a little nervous about giving up everything and moving abroad? Or do you have a job in the Netherlands, but are you only free during the holidays? Then holiday work abroad is the perfect choice for you! In this way you can temporarily get a taste of life abroad. There are countless options! For example, go work at a campsite in the summer, or give ski lessons in the winter. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, make friends for life and experience unforgettable adventures! Holiday work abroad is highly recommended!

Volunteer Abroad

Do you want to discover the world, but at the same time do something good for society? Then volunteering abroad is perfect for you. Are you very good at English? Then go teach English at a school. Would you like to give kids a smile, then do volunteer work in an orphanage. Or even better, take care of elephants in Africa. So a very rewarding job! After a few weeks or months of volunteering, plan enough time to travel around. This way you can discover even more of the country. During your trip you also have to arrange some things and make choices. For example, are you going to sleep in hostels, hotels or even a tent? Are you traveling alone or with a group? Are you going by car, interrailing, or maybe hitchhiking? Everything is possible! What options huh!

Are you now completely inspired to combine traveling and working abroad? You can easily arrange this via Yobbers† In addition to the enormously extensive range of permanent jobs, holiday jobs and volunteer work, they also offer you personal guidance. Start your new foreign adventure today!

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