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Sustainable travel | 8 eco-conscious destinations for world travelers

Green travel and sustainable accommodation, we Dutch people are known as eco-conscious travelers looking for eco-conscious destinations. In this way we take sustainability into account. The environment, compensating for our flights, supporting local initiatives and we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. When preparing the holiday, we look at how the trip, accommodation and activities can be set up in such a way that world travelers keep their ecological footprint as small as possible. Or better yet… reduce it to zero. The following eco-conscious destinations show how locals and businesses are showing their sustainable heart.

Philippines – A good cup of comfort

El Union Coffee
El Union Coffee

You really don't always have to roll up your sleeves to contribute to a better local life by volunteering. Sometimes just drinking a cup of coffee is enough to make a difference. 's team El Union Coffee in northern Philippines runs his coffee shop based on a clear philosophy: 'Work is an important, but certainly not the most important part of your life'. Every employee gets the best possible reward for his work, free time as much as needed, additional medical care and many more perks. The coffee shop's profits go to CURMA, which uses it to protect the turtles, preserve the coasts and permaculture.

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Materials are used in an environmentally conscious way and the coffee is bought directly from the farmers without an intermediary. They are paid fairly and supported in the further implementation of sustainable business operations. You can also visit the coffee plantations yourself. With every euro you spend you support this fun sustainable destination.

France – Zero waste on the French coast

The tourist office of Medoc Square Sud on the French Atlantic Coast is doing well. The visitor information office in the coastal town of Le Porge-Océan is completely paperless. Furthermore, it is a mobile and therefore completely flexible office that is housed in a van.

Tourist Office of Medoc Plein Sud
Tourist Office of Medoc Plein Sud

The ten municipalities in this region have committed themselves to protecting the local nature reserve. For the first time in France nature management has decided to remove all garbage cans on the beach. The aim of this is to encourage beach visitors to take their own waste home. The tourist office has fully embraced this decision. Our own activities have been adjusted in such a way that waste and paper consumption has been reduced to nil. The mobile office thus seamlessly adapts to the natural conditions and offers more flexibility in high and low season.

Aruba – Feeling good at Bucuti

When we talk about sustainability, it makes a difference Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort the absolute crown! In addition to an eye for luxury, comfort and romance, the resort has developed into the first fully CO2-neutral hotel in the world Caribbean† With every decision and choice that the hotel makes in its business operations, they first ask themselves whether there is a greener variant. And if there is, it is chosen. You can also make this choice yourself in the gym.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

While enjoying a tropical view thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can choose from a large number of fitness equipment. In any case, opt for a workout on an eco bike or treadmill. While you burn calories, you simultaneously generate energy that is used again in the resort. And in this way you not only improve your own condition, but also that of the environment!

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Swedish Lapland – A unique eco experience

Small scale, hospitality and proximity to nature. Curiosity, knowledge and learning. Near the border with Norway lies the village of Sorsele. Close by is one of the many hidden gems that Swedish Lapland rich: the island of Geunja. And on this island stands the Sami Eco Lodge† The lodge is run by Ann-Kristine and Mikael: two locals with Sami blood flowing through their veins. Full of loving passion, they tell you all about their traditional Sami lifestyle. As soon as you arrive on the island after the boat trip, which takes you past untouched and silent mountains, you will notice for yourself how good the energy is that hangs on this piece of earthly paradise.

Swedish Lapland
Swedish Lapland

You can spend the night here in the off grid accommodation. You can also go out with Mikael to spot wildlife such as moose, bears and arctic foxes. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the reindeer steaks prepared by Ann-Kristine and the mushrooms you have picked in the evening. Living in Sweden, in complete harmony with nature…

Canada – Sustainable sight-seeing in Ottawa

Sustainability is in Canada an increasingly important topic. Sustainability means using today's resources intelligently so that enough is left for future generations. Living in harmony with nature and improving the quality of life, that's what it's all about. In Ottawa you can get a bicycle tour along 10 places that excel in their sustainability success. The route takes you past Richelieu Park. Here you can see how the maple syrup is extracted from the trees in an environmentally friendly way.

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A sustainable bike ride in Ottawa, Canada
A sustainable bike ride in Ottawa, Canada

You will also cycle over the Corcktown Footbridge – an elegant bridge that is only open to walkers and cyclists. From here you have the best view of the historic Rideau Canal. Do you cycle with children? Be sure to stop by the Children's Garden. This garden is designed by and for children and introduces them with all their senses to what nature offers in terms of food. So you're in Ottawa, rent a bike and get to know the city in a unique and green way!

United States – Eco Island in Georgia

Sustainability in the United States† Yes, of course! To explore the beaches, forests and swamps Jekyll Island continuous measures are taken. This is based on responsible use of natural resources. On Georgia's Golden Isles you can fully enjoy the untouched nature. Cycling on one of the many bike paths, you will learn more about the animal world during a walk with a Ranger. Do you like to roll up your sleeves yourself? Then actively help to preserve the flora and fauna.

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Jekyll Island - Sustainability first
Jekyll Island – Sustainability first

In 2019, more sea turtles than ever have nested on the island. The special Sea Turtle Center informs visitors about the measures taken to protect the animals. You will also learn about the treatment of injured turtles. They also offer educational programs and protect the turtle nests on the beaches. In addition, in May 2019, the largest solar farm – area with solar panels – on public land in Georgia opened on Jekyll Island. Green going there!

United States – Sustainable camping with Escape Campervans

It's no secret that travel has an impact on the environment. But that certainly doesn't mean you have to give up all plane and car trips. There are simply too many beautiful places to explore and too many adventures to experience. We have some tips for you to help you roadtrip for Escape Campervan America or Canada can make you even more environmentally aware:

Escape Campervans - sustainable travel tips
Escape Campervans – sustainable travel tips
  • Use a reusable cup; reduce the plastic waste mountain and bring your own mug for your daily coffee. Just rinse in the splashing mountain stream and you're good-to-go again
  • Think eco-friendly water bottle, an essential item on your eco-friendly packing list!
  • Reusable bags are earth's best friend; no more plastic bags from the supermarket. The reusable bags are handy for tidying up things and fit like luggage in the smallest holes
  • And how about eco-friendly soap and shampoo? No plastic bottles and biodegradable. Make sure you never use soap within 200 meters of a lake or river! This way you ensure that the animals do not foam while drinking…

Tip: Read more about roadtrippen in western america at our neighbors of Ctheworld.nl!

Ruby Hotels – Sustainable Luxury

The innovative hotel group Ruby stands for Lean Luxury: reduction to the essential. Everything that is superfluous is left out. Each hotel has its own character, but what characterizes them all is an ideal location in the heart of the city. A cool design, a casual atmosphere, a bar that is open 24 hours a day, affordable prices and the focus on sustainability. For example, Ruby Marie in Vienna has been awarded the highest international LEED® certification by the US Green Building Council.

Ruby Hotels - Organic, Organic, Sustainable
Ruby Hotels – Organic, Organic, Sustainable

Green electricity is used in all hotels. For all dishes, the fruits and vegetables come from organic farms in Germany and Austria. The dairy products come from organic producers in the region. Only the best organic quality products are used for breakfast – from superfoods to sausages.

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