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Attention hikers: These are the 8 most beautiful hikes in the world!

Did you know Mauna Kea in Hawaii and not Mount Everest the world's tallest mountain? And did you know that in Oman There are excellent hiking trails where you can hike from oasis to oasis? Destinations Hawaii, Oman, Texas, Ottawa, California, Sweden, Porto and the Atlantic Coast France all eight are insane for hikers. Reason enough for us to make a list of the world's most beautiful hikes. From an impressive 81 km through the forests of Sweden to about 11 km culinary hike along the Atlantic Coast of France. Which hike will you add to your 2023 itinerary?

1. The Lighthouse Trail in Texas

De Palo Duro Canyon is also called 'the Grand Canyon of Texas' and for good reason. The second largest gorge in the VS is known for its impressive reds and browns and is home to the Texas Longhorn. There's a lot to do, from ziplining and horseback riding to camping and gazing at the thousands of stars in the sky. But most people go to Palo Duro Canyon for hiking.

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Palo Duro Canyon | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Palo Duro Canyon | The world's most beautiful hikes!

De Lighthouse Trail is considered the most popular hiking route. 's hike 9,3 km takes you to, yes, the beautiful 'Lighthouse', a famous rock formation. From colorful eroded cliffs to hills, swamps and dried up creeks; on the route you are always surprised by the landscape. Pay attention during the hike, because hikers regularly spot lizards, rattlesnakes, wild turkeys, deer and the Texas Longhorn. The hike ends at the foot of the gigantic rock formation 'The Lighthouse', which is 90 meters high.

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2. Wolf Trail in Ottawa

Ottowa is the bustling capital of Canada. The city is known for its many great museums, excellent cuisine and beautiful views. But Ottawa is also the destination for combining a city break with adventure. The Ottawa area is a true paradise for hikers. There are many routes through the city, but you can also explore nature.

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Gatineau Park - Champlain Lookout credit National Capital Commission | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Gatineau Park, Champlain Lookout| The world's most beautiful hikes! credit: National Capital Commission

This is how the National Gatineau Park, with an impressive 361 km2 and 165 km of hiking trails, just a 15-minute drive from the city. The Wolf Trail is a beautiful walking route of about 3 hours, in which you even have to climb in some parts. You will hike uphill to a scenic viewpoint. The way back takes you past water streams and a small river. Keep your eyes peeled on the way, because the park is home to rare birds, beavers, black bears, deer and wolves!

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A piece of cake for you three hours? Paste the Carbide Wilson Ruins stuck to. This is another hour of hiking and ends at the ruins, the perfect place to cool down and dip your toes in the river.

Gatineau Park - Carbide Willson Ruins credit Ottawa Tourism | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Gatineau Park, Carbide Willson Ruins | The world's most beautiful hikes! credit: Ottawa Tourism

3. Mauna Kea in Hawaii

If you are well trained and ready for a new challenge, then look no further! climb the Mauna Kea, the highest seamount and dormant volcano in the world. You have to travel to Hawaii for it and that is certainly not a punishment.

Kauai | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Kauai | The world's most beautiful hikes!

The volcano rises 4207 meters above sea level and for the seasoned hiker it takes about eight hours to complete the 18,5 km walk. The route treats you to vistas above the clouds, an amazing view of Mauna Loa and the highest lake in Hawaii; Lake Waau. Mauna Kea is also home to one of the world's premier stargazing places. At night you can view the starry sky for free through one of the telescopes of local volunteer astronomers.

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Chase Dong_Great Outdoors_Hawaii_The Big Island_Mauna Kea00006

Reached the top? Good looking! Then it's time to enjoy the Hawaiian good life. Make a splash among the manta rays and enjoy the bounty feeling on one of the beaches.

Fun fact: Mauna Kea is actually the highest mountain in the world, if measured from the foot deep in the ocean. Then the mountain is 10.203 meters high, while Mount Everest is 8.849 meters high.

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4. Hike right through Porto

If you go to Porto you will probably eat and drink a lot of delicious food. This hotspot is heaven for foodies. The best, but certainly also challenging, way to discover Porto is by foot. Porto is built up in small and steep streets with beautiful architecture. Expect a lot of stairs and height differences. But you can stop anywhere for a snack or drink, the Portuguese way.

Porto | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Postage | The world's most beautiful hikes!

Make a nice round of Avenida dos Aliados to Ponte Dom Luis and finally stop at the cultural district WOW in Villa Nova de Gaia, for a good glass of wine. During the walk of about 2,5 hours you will pass the Se de Porto, the Cathedral of Porto, you stroll through the historic city center, spot various Street Art works and finally via the Ponte Dom Luis walk to WOW. Here you can visit one of the seven fascinating museums in the afternoon, such as TheWineExperience en The Chocolate Story, and then enjoy the sun on the terrace of . with a Portuguese glass of wine MiraMira to see it undergo.

Mira Mira | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Mira Mira | The world's most beautiful hikes!

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5. Coastal route on the Atlantic Coast France

On the Atlantic Coast of France you will find many gems. From the sardines capital Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie to the salt pans of Guérande, the surfer's paradise Biarritz and the swamp of Marais Poitevin. But it is also a place where hiking enthusiasts like to go. The Le sentier de littoral takes you from Saint-Jean-de-Luz to in about three hours Hendaye.

Hendaye | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Hendaye | The world's most beautiful hikes!

You start in the Basque port city Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Here you have to go on a culinary discovery! Tip: taste the Basque ham, macarons and Kanougas (caramel). Once you've spoiled your taste buds, set sail for the port of Ciboure. Then the path takes you along the coast with views of the beautiful landscapes and the Pyrenees. You also walk along the nature reserve around the Domaine d'Abbadia and the rocks Les Jumaux. The walking tour ends at Hendaye Beach and Bay txingudi. The adventure doesn't have to stop here! The Hendaye coast offers excellent sailing, surfing and kayaking opportunities.

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6. From Wadi to Wadi in Oman

Hikers should definitely go… Oman! You will find the most diverse hikes there. For the experienced hiker we recommend the tour of Wadi Tiwi to Wadi Bani Khalid. This is a long 28 km route, but the terrain is very good. You walk on the eastern beat mountains, with an amazing view every time.

Hajar Mountains | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Hajar Mountains | The world's most beautiful hikes!

The hike starts with a relatively steep climb from Wadi Tiwi. This is where the lush date plantations come from saymah quickly in view. Follow the path to the top and you might even pass a mountain gazelle. From the top, with a bit of luck, you can see the golden sands of the Wahiba and the Gulf of Omani to see. Continue with a descent and end at the oasis of peace: Wadi Bani Khalid. Here you will find a gigantic emerald green pool, surrounded by palm trees. Make a cooling splash, you've definitely earned it after about 14 hours of hiking!

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Wadi Bani Khalid | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Wadi Bani Khalid | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Wadi Bani Khalid | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Wadi Bani Khalid | The world's most beautiful hikes!

Tip: At Wadi Bani Khalid you will also find a beautiful waterfall!

7. A piece of the Kungsleden in Sweden

Sweden is the land of beautiful forests, rivers and the countless places where you can camp wild. The paradise of adventurers par excellence! Hikers must at some point in their lives Kungsleden walk. This 'King's Route' was built at the end of the 19th century and extends over more than 400 km. You walk through dark forests and over the highest mountains in Sweden, with continuous alpine views and along rivers.

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If you want to walk the entire course, you will be on the road for a month. If this is a bit too much of a good thing, you can of course also explore part of the route. We tip the piece of kvikkjokk to Salto class. This trip is 81 km in total and the walk will take you about four to five days.

Kvikkjokk | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Kvikkjokk | The world's most beautiful hikes!

The hike starts in one of the oldest settlements in Swedish Lapland: Kvikkjokk. Then you set course towards Saltoluokta and you pass lakes, swamps and many forests. Sleep at one of the mountain huts along the way. During the hike you also have to cross rivers several times with a boat. These are amazing tours that also give you a chance to catch your breath. Eventually you will arrive at beautiful Saltoluokta. One of the most beautiful hikes in the world!

8. California Dreaming in the USA

With more than 120 national and state parks, California is the hot spot for hikers worldwide. Of the Sierra Nevada tot Death Valley, there is only one thing for it: a hike roadtrip with Escape Campervans. Then you drive in a colorfully painted camper from park to park, to take a spectacular walk there every time.

We tip the Western route. Then you start in Jedediah Smith Redwoods National Park. Here are the world famous Sequoia trees. put you roadtrip continue in the direction of Redwood National Park.

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Escaping | The world's most beautiful hikes!

De James Irvine Trail takes you to FernCanyon, a super green canyon. After a good night you drive on to Elk, where you should definitely do a beach hike. If you're driving north on Highway 101, take a trip to Montgomery Woods. A difficult hike awaits you here, which takes you to gigantic trees and here you will not encounter many souls.

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Escape | The world's most beautiful hikes!
Escaping | The world's most beautiful hikes!

In short: a great experience! end you roadtrip at Pinnacles national park. This is one of America's newest national parks and the masses definitely don't know this place yet. From giant rock needles to vertical canyons and hundreds of bats. This is where you want to go!

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