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Tips for traveling with a scooter or wheelchair

Traveling with a mobility scooter or wheelchair brings its own challenges. Fortunately, both in the Netherlands and abroad, there are more and more places where people with a mobility scooter or wheelchair can go. In this article we share some tips with you so that you can also travel with peace of mind with a scooter.

Traveling with an adapted car

Do you own a scooter or wheelchair? Then it is good to know that you can adjust your car if necessary (a custom car) so that you can transport yourself and your scooter or wheelchair yourself. Yourself mobility scooter Of course you save a lot of time and you retain all the flexibility of traveling with a car.

The possibilities with an adapted car are endless. For example, you can create one yourself roadtrip travel through Europe and stay in wheelchair-friendly hotels. And how about visiting some of the most beautiful National Parks in Europe? In recent years, more and more national parks have ensured better accessibility for everyone. Perhaps your favorite nature park is already suitable for a mobility scooter? Do your research by visiting the park's website. Often there is more possible than you think!

Website and app Unhindered

Onhinderd focuses on people with a physical disability with both a website and an app. From the blind, visually impaired and people with walking difficulties to the deaf, visually impaired and wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

Thus brings the Unhindered app all kinds of locations that are easily accessible with, among other things, a mobility scooter in the Netherlands. From shops, food and beverage outlets to accommodation options. It also provides information about (free) parking with a Disabled Parking Card (GPK) for each location. Those who have an adapted car could make good use of this app.

Its content is created with the help of volunteers who test and assess locations. For example, whether there are thresholds, how accessible the entrance is, but also whether there are special disabled toilets. You can the Unhindered app download for free on your smartphone.

Traveling by train

Did you know that you can request free travel assistance with the NS? A trained assistant will assist you with boarding and disembarking. You can request the free travel assistance at this page of the NS. Are you traveling with a wheelchair, mobility scooter or adapted bicycle? Then you can also take it with you on the train. An assistance dog is also allowed on the train free of charge under certain conditions.

Choose wheelchair-friendly hotels

More and more hotels provide good facilities for people in wheelchairs. The large well-known chains such as Van Der Valk are already doing this very well in the Netherlands, but did you know that hotel chains such as Hilton and Riu have also done this well in many exotic destinations?

You can search for these hotels yourself via Booking.com. Search for your destination and use the filters on the left side of your screen to show only hotels that are 'wheelchair friendly'.

Travel with professional guidance

Whichever holiday you choose, with professional guided holidays you will always be accompanied by enthusiastic and experienced volunteers and professionals. They ensure that you can enjoy your holiday and that you receive the attention you need, without having to worry about your handicap or limitation. They help you get in or out of your scooter or wheelchair and take care of all the inconveniences and challenges that traveling with a scooter or wheelchair entails.

Wheelchair and mobility scooter-friendly cities abroad

'The Sky Is The Limit' with a custom car. When you plan your trip well and book the right location, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable trip. Not even abroad! To begin with, a number of things to consider when planning your trip to a city in general, but also abroad:

  • Is the city wheelchair accessible?
  • Does this one barrier-free access to public transport, restaurants, shops, hotels and other important facilities?
  • Are there disabled parking spaces?
  • Have the taxis in town wheelchair ramps?
  • Are the sidewalks wide enough, well-maintained, and conducive to moving a wheelchair or mobility scooter?
  • To be medical emergency services easily accessible in the city?
  • Are there hotels in the city with wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms?

If you don't know where you want to go yet, or if you need some inspiration: these are a number of European accessible cities in Europe to consider for your next holiday or city trip. These cities have already proven themselves to be very suitable for a trip with a mobility scooter or wheelchair in combination with an adapted car.

  • Barcelona
  • Milan
  • Berlin
  • Lisbon

Lots of travel fun!

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