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5 Historic Casinos in Monumental Buildings Worth Visiting

Do you like history and a bit of suspense? Then these 5 buildings are worth a visit on your holiday!

On holiday we visit many old buildings including castles, churches and monasteries. A type of building that is almost as old, and at least as beautiful, is the casino. Especially in Europe you will find beautiful historic casinos that are worth visiting during a trip or city trip. In this top 5 we go through Europe in search of the most beautiful casinos.

1.Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

A casino that is definitely worth a visit is the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. The building was opened on February 18, 1863, but gambling has been going on there since 1854. In 1878, the building was rebuilt to its current form as it generally appears today. Nice to know; the casino was built to generate revenue for the mini-state. To prevent the people of Monaco, the Monegasques, from losing their money there, Prince Charles III banned them from entering the casino unless they worked there.

2. Wiesbaden Casino in Germany

The Wiesbaden Casino in Germany, called Spielbank there, is located in the famous Kurhaus. The interior of the casino is beautiful and it gives a glimpse into the old days. Roulette, black jack and poker are played in the old wine room.

3. Casino di Venezia: Palazzo Vendramin-Calergia

Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi, or Casino di Venezia is one of the oldest casinos in the world. Venice was already a special city, separated from the country, and a beautiful casino fits well with it. The property was designed by Mauro Codussi. He did not opt ​​for the Gothic style that is often seen in Venice, but for the classical style. When in Venice, this is a unique building to visit. In addition to a casino, it houses the Wagner museum.

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Blurred defocused background of roulette at casino saloon – Gambling concept with unfocused game room with video poker slot machines and multicolored blurry lights

4. Crockford's Club in London

The Crockford's club in London shows a different side of the casino culture. Besides that the building is beautiful, it is interesting to know that the casino was founded on the basis of the gentlemans club Crockford's. Today it is still a members only club. Luxury and exclusivity are of paramount importance. Nice to know, this casino also offers online games. Think of roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack online. A fast payout casino goes through online recordings.

5. Casino di Campione

We end this journey with a modern casino: Casinò di Campione in Italy. Although it is in Italy, it is bordered by Switzerland. It is located in an Italian exclave on Lake Como. The building was designed by Mario Botta. The casino has been located there since 2007, although the casino itself has been around since 1917.

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