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What makes Bonaire interesting for a world trip?

Bonaire is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. One of the reasons why you should visit Bonaire is because of the clear water. It is fairly dry on the island. As a result, little water flows from the land into the sea. That is why the water is remarkably clear. If you're going to look for hotels on Bonairethen you don't have to look far. There are a total of 340 accommodations on Bonaire, of which 14% are hotels. Enough place to sleep!

The great variety of animal species

On Bonaire, nature conservation is central. As a result, relatively many animal species can be found on a small island. This island also has a very diverse landscape. There are mangroves and several bays. Bonaire is home to one of the largest red flamingo breeding sites on Earth. 

In addition to these flamingos, you will find a bird that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, namely the Lora. You may also encounter the Caribbean seahorse. In addition to this seahorse, Bonaire has at least 354 other fish species. Diving is very easy here. You walk into the water from the coast and can continue to the coral reef.

Sights for everyone

Bonaire is not only a place to relax for animals. The minimum temperature on this island is 25 degrees Celsius and there is always wind. Moving on this island is easy by bike, car or on foot. You can reach the various sights in no time, such as Fort Oranje, the pink/red Pekelmeer or the oldest town on the island: Rincon. If you prefer to get a breath of fresh air and rest on the beach, this is also possible. 

Would you rather do something more active? Then you can choose to go windsurfing. There is something for everyone and this makes Bonaire the perfect place to experience the summer holidays to spend.


The history of Bonaire

Bonaire has a rich history, especially a rich history of slavery. The remains of this have been preserved on this island. That way people don't forget what happened here. Fort Oranje is an interesting place to visit if you like old defenses. This fortress has been there since 1639. 

Nice to know

This island has only one airport called 'Flamingo', named after the large colony that is present on this island. You also do not pay with euros on Bonaire, but with the American dollar. Before you travel, you can already take dollars with you. Are you forgetting this? No worries. There are plenty of exchange offices where you can get dollars.

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