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The best winter sports destinations within and outside Europe

Discovering the world while traveling is perhaps the best adventure of your life. Of course you don't always have to be away from home for months to have fun. A 2 week vacation sometimes brings you just as much fun. For many, a winter sports holiday is the ultimate way to enjoy a holiday, despite the sometimes high prices. It is the perfect combination of relaxing and being sporty. After a day of fun on the slopes, settle down on a terrace in the sun to enjoy a well-deserved mulled wine with kaiserschmarrn or apple strudel. After that we go into the sauna for a while, and then go to bed tired but satisfied. Or you opt for a completely different experience at a destination a little further from home. Are you looking for the best winter sports destination closer to home? Europe, or on the other side of the world? Read on for our tips. 

The most beautiful views in Austria and Switzerland

A winter sports holiday is still number 1 with a dot Austria of Switzerland. Every year, many Dutch people go that way because of the ultimate experience. The high mountain peaks of Alpine give you the most beautiful views and challenging descents in one holiday. Moreover, due to the height of most ski slopes, you are assured of snow, which is very pleasant. For many popular winter sports destinations you must have a vignette or environmental sticker to be allowed to drive there. So you have a vignette for Austria necessary, but you should certainly not forget it in Switzerland. Always check well in advance before you leave what the rules are for the country in question. 

Switzerland | The best winter sports destinations
Switzerland | The best winter sports destinations

A unique experience in Scandinavia

Although you will not find the experience of a winter sport in the Alps in one of the Scandinavian countries, it should definitely not be missing from your list. Ski areas Scandinavia have a high snow guarantee, so you can go there for a long time of the year to enjoy a winter landscape. Because there are no high mountain peaks in these countries like in the Alps, ski slopes here are often sloping and wide, making them ideal for beginners or children. You can also go here for other fun winter activities such as a ride in a dog sled Lapland or go cross-country skiing, a really popular folk sport Norway

Norway | The best winter sports destinations
Norway | The best winter sports destinations

Enjoy New Zealand

Skiing in the summer? It's possible. You just have to travel to the other side of the world for it. So if you get winter sports jitters in our summer, then it's time to go New Zealand to leave. The seasons are exactly reversed there, so when it is summer here, it is the heart of the winter sports season there. For the highest mountain peaks, it is best to travel to the South Island, for example around the place Queenstown. But you also have a large ski area on the North Island. So there are different options and you can possibly combine this perfectly with one longer tour to discover this versatile country. 

Queenstown | The best winter sports destinations
Queenstown | The best winter sports destinations

Great snow in Japan

A winter sports holiday Japan means skiing or snowboarding on the best snow. You are almost assured of the best powder snow here, for which they are also known. In Japan everything is very well organized and neat and clean. The slopes are well marked, often in Japanese, but fortunately they also use colors to indicate the difficulty of the slopes. It is often also a lot quieter than on slopes in Europe. Winter sports in Japan is a completely different experience than in Europe. Here you don't eat schnitzel or apple strudel, but ramen or a rice dish. You also do not dive in the sauna after hard work, but in a heated natural water source. A winter sports holiday in Japan guarantees a great and unique experience. 

Hakuba | The best winter sports destinations
Hakuba | The best winter sports destinations

Adventure skiing in Canada

Also Canada is high on many winter sports lists. Just like in Japan you will find great good snow here where you can enjoy yourself for hours. It is often a lot quieter here than on a European ski slope, so no queues for the ski lift. What makes a ski holiday to Canada so special is that during the descent you have the feeling that you are really in the middle of nature. This way you can just encounter a bear or moose along the way. There is even a chance to spot the Northern Lights here! This makes it the ideal destination for an adventurous winter sports holiday. 

Whistler | The best winter sports destinations
Whistler | The best winter sports destinations
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