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Europe is a continent that is often overlooked by Dutch world travelers. A shame, because there is so much beauty to see in Europe. Just think of the open-air museum called Rome, the countless Greek islands with clear blue water or the breathtaking landscapes in Scandinavia. And that in just a few hours flying time! Reason enough to stay in Europe for a nice city trip or beach holiday.

City trips Europe
The large European cities are used by many travelers as a nice way to escape the Netherlands for a while. Often as a snack, if, for example, a world trip is not financially feasible. Popular cities for a city trip are cities such as Paris, London, Athens, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona. For most cities, you can pretty much sort them out in a few days. Do you fall in love with a city? Then you just come back one more time!

Beach holiday Europe
If you are only used to the Dutch beaches, there is still a lot to discover in Europe. You will find beautiful beaches scattered throughout Europe. We already mentioned the Greek islands, but what about the Italian and Spanish coasts? Can’t choose between city and beach? Then choose a combination of a large city with a beach, such as Barcelona.

Kopenhagen | De 7 mooiste bezienswaardigheden

De laatste bestemming van ons avontuur door Scandinavië was Kopenhagen. De hoofdstad van Denemarken bracht de energie in ons weer naar boven, want deze stad heeft veel te bieden. Charmante straten, prachtige beelden...

Murten Switzerland

Tips for Murten (Morat) | Road trip through Switzerland

During my road trip through Switzerland I came upon mostly known bucket list -worthy destinations such as Lauterbrunnen. Places with epic views and associated activities, such as a helicopter ride about the glaciers...

Taste Italy | 6x good food in Naples

Italy is perfect and Naples is great. Naples is different from other Italian cities. In this blog I write about cozy places that are more than worth visiting and especially the places where you can eat well in Naples...

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