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Taiwan used to be called Formosa by the Portuguese navigators, which means 'beautiful island'. And that's right, because Taiwan has beautiful beaches, unique Taoist temples, jagged bamboo forests, inhospitable mountains and always smiling Taiwanese.

Incidents with China

The country has been at odds with neighbor China for years, as the island is still considered a province. There have been several incidents between the two countries. After World War II, China gained control of Taiwan, but when General Chang Kai Shek fled to the country from mainland China in 1949 because of the communists, he took 160 soldiers and conquered the island. The country is XNUMX kilometers away from mainland China.

Natural Beauty in Taiwan

Taiwan is above all a thriving country with unprecedented natural areas and impressive national parks. The island is home to everything from mountains like Yu Shan (3.952 m), dense bamboo forests to waterfalls and powerful coastlines. Taiwan also includes some small islands such as Kinmen, Matsu and Wuciou. Surfing and diving are favorite pastimes of the increasing influx of tourists here.

Capital of Taipei

The cities in Taiwan are quite impressive. The epic center is capital Taipei with its glorious skyscrapers and skyline. Taiwan is a prosperous destination where money is often no object. Taipei shows this prosperity without shame. The busy centre, the abundance of modern shops and trendy shops rub shoulders perfectly with the traditional and cultural values ​​of the city. The distinctive houses with oriental architecture are a feast for the eyes. Other major cities include Kaohsiung, Xindian, Xinzhuang, Zhongli, Taichung, and Hualian.

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