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Review | Paddling on a SUP board from SEB

Inflatable SUPs are often all-round and therefore ideal for both novice and experienced paddlers. Of course, it is a solution that SUP boards are inflatable, because on an average bicycle or in a...

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What is the best camera for a world tour? And why?

Anyone who travels far or around the world will probably pack his or her suitcase, camper van, camper or backpack with clothing, but of course also all kinds of handy (often electronic) gadgets. An important...

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Make photo backups during your trip

Do you (like us) take hundreds to thousands of photos and videos during your trip? Logically! At the end of your journey, your memories are your most precious possession. Thanks to all the photos and videos...

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Top 5 travel destinations with a drone

In this article we collect the most beautiful places in the world where you can take your drone on holiday, places where you can take the most beautiful images! Taking a drone on holiday is already an option for many...

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Electronic Gadget | 4x for traveling

We live in a digital age where our electronic gadgets are indispensable. It is clear that our smartphone cannot be missing when traveling, but there are also a number of other ...

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