Package holidays

Do you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday or round trip without having to think too much about airline tickets, transfers, hotels and activities? Book a wonderfully arranged package holiday! Below you will find a selection of the best package travel providers in the Netherlands.

The list is a bit short at the moment - it is still being worked on. We are going to add roughly 100 package holiday providers here, sorted by continent or continent.

TUI - Discover your smile

TUI - Discover your smile. The German company is the most favorite travel agency in the Netherlands in 2022. Every week they stunt with new offers and last-minutes.

TUI sells fully arranged package holidays but also individual airline tickets in their own aircraft. TUI stands for affordable travel to popular places for a reasonable price, without having to sacrifice luxury.

Since 2020, TUI also sells affordable cruises, a niche where they have also been expanding considerably in recent years.

  • Wide range
  • Low prices
  • Flight tickets
  • Package holidays
  • Cruises
  • Popular destinations only
ANWB Holidays

ANWB is much more than just roadside assistance. Over the past 10 years they have developed into one of the largest and most reliable package holiday providers in the Netherlands and also offer travel insurance.

The ANWB has an enormous offer, from tours in Europe to group tours in Asia. At the ANWB you can discover the world carefree and those who have been a member for a longer period of time receive a substantial discount or extras such as free tours or seat upgrades on the plane.

  • Reliable
  • Member discount
  • Affordable
  • Popular destinations only
Price-free | Cheap Sun Holidays

Price-free has been elected as website of the year 2021† For more than 10 years, Prijsvrij Vakanties has been helping you to get the best deal for your holiday.

You pay no booking fees and you can choose from a wide range of trips from sun holidays to city trips.

  • No booking fees
  • Countless sun holidays
  • Website of the year 2021
  • Popular destinations only



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