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In this category you will be spoiled with the best travel blogs about city trips in Europe but also beyond! When traveling, it often happens that you fly via major world cities. You can choose to hang out at the airport for hours, but you can also choose to book your connecting flight a few days later and really explore the city!

This way you can experience world cities in all corners of the world as a real city trip. Who doesn't dream of a city trip to Miami or Bangkok? In this category you will find travel blogs of city trips around the world, get inspired!

Do you have any nice cities in the world that we absolutely must visit? Let us know and maybe the next travel blog will be about your favorite city trip!

Dubrovnik | 10x tips what to see and do in Old Town

Dubrovnik is the most romantic and best preserved fortified city in Croatia and perhaps in the world. It was not for nothing that I returned for the seventh time (!) to this unique, bizarrely well-preserved walled city...

Cinque Terre l Italy

Tuscany Italy l Pisa and surroundings

We booked a last minute holiday to sunny Pisa, located in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy. A city known for its world-famous Leaning Tower and rich history. The historic center...

City trip Porto | 5 tips

The port city of Porto in the north of Portugal is always a good destination for a city trip! Besides the fact that you can easily book flights to Porto for a small price, there is also a lot to see and do. In this blog...

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