All about motorhomes. Whether you have a ready-made factory motorhome or want to embark on the DIY motorhome adventure: in this category you will find everything about motorhomes and conversion into a motorhome.

milady landy overlanders | 250 days OFLIFE | Wereldreizigers.nl

Milady Landy | Overlanding with an old Land Rover

On October 1, 2019 we, Sonja and Gert Jan, started our overland world trip with our Milady Landy, an old Land Rover Defender, built in 1998. From the Moroccan desert, to the ice plains of the North Cape...

4x4 camper gadgets and upgrades

Our 4×4 world trip camper (2) | Gadgets & Upgrades

Because we have already done so much, we divide the blogs about the 4×4 camper into three parts. One about the bathroom and the interior, one about the gadgets and upgrades (this article) and one about the technology and upgrades of...

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