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Transavia takes measures due to Schiphol airport decision 

TRAVEL NEWS (press release) – June 16, 2022: Transavia is disappointed. After the previous steps taken to reduce the problem of queues at Schiphol, the airport is now obliging airlines to transport far fewer passengers. The cause is the shortage of staff at the airport this summer.

This has a major impact on both passengers looking forward to their holiday and the entire travel industry. A travel industry that got the chance for a successful summer again after two corona years.

Fewer seats

In order to ensure the holiday of as many passengers as possible, Transavia feels obliged to put considerably fewer seats on sale for the period from 7 July with departure from Amsterdam. Flight cancellations will also be necessary. Now that Schiphol has taken the decision to be able to receive fewer passengers, Transavia wants to provide its passengers with clarity as soon as possible within the options that are currently available.

"This is a decision that we have to make with great pain in our hearts”, says Marcel de Nooijer, CEO of Transavia. “Our passengers want clarity. To avoid disappointment as much as possible, we are therefore limiting the sale of tickets for the summer (from 7 July to 28 August) by selling only a very limited number of tickets and reducing the maximum number of passengers on a number of flights. And cancellation will also be necessary, but we try to limit that as much as possible. We expect to have more clarity on this in the course of next week. Disappointing passengers goes completely against our customer focus, we like to give as many travelers as possible a nice holiday. And summer is the most important season for us. After two tough corona years, we also needed to be able to fly again to become financially healthy. This is a huge blow to our passengers and to our company. The forced reduction of the number of passengers is highly undesirable and must be one-off and short-lived."

Sales from the airports in Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Brussels will remain open, although the flights there are now filling up quickly. The current offer is here to watch.

Luggage service at home

To help relieve the pressure on the operation at Schiphol, Transavia introduced 'Luggage Service at Home' this week. Passengers can collect their luggage from home up to 24 hours before departure via the company Luggo and check in immediately. At the airport they walk directly to security, which saves time and relieves the pressure on the operation at Schiphol because the flows of passengers and baggage are spread out. This saves passengers waiting time when checking in their luggage and they can travel to Schiphol without luggage.

Passengers whose flight is canceled will receive a message. Rebooking the ticket during the summer holidays is limited due to the limited availability of capacity in the summer due to Schiphol's restrictions. Nevertheless, Transavia will do its utmost to offer passengers an alternative. If the alternative is not available or is not suitable, the ticket will be refunded.

On the website all information about any cancellations will be shared as soon as it is available.

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