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Round trip through colorful Colombia | So much more than Pablo Escobar

We understand best, if you – asked about Colombia – especially cocaine trafficking, drug cartels, the armed FARC and brutal kidnappings in broad daylight. And that if you have to name one name, you probably come up with Escobar, the now deceased drug lord of the Medellin Cartel. Or Valderama, you know, that football player with the luscious head of hair, also known as the blond Gullit. I get it. But I would also be very sorry. Because we could also talk about the famous capital Bogota, about the deep jungles of the Amazon, or about the Indian culture that is deeply rooted in Colombian society. Or we could talk about one of the most beautiful places in South America, Providencia Archipelago. You know what…? That's exactly what we're talking about! We are going on a tour of Colombia and show you that the country is more than kilos of coke and crime. vamos!

Capital Bogotá

In this South American country, which is located in the far northwest of the continent and borders, among other things, on the Caribbean Sea, you cannot miss the capital Bogota. Once you have arrived in this city, you will soon find yourself in a luxurious, western metropolis where architectural delights are flying around you. Bogota has a lot of museums, with the gold museum Museo del Oro, the epic center of bling bling, as the shining pinnacle. Noisy bars can be found everywhere and houses in pastel shades with cozy wooden balconies where the smells of food meet you accompanied by swinging music. Bogota is hugely busy, the busetas drive everywhere and traffic jams cannot be counted on one hand. So prepare yourself for a cacophony of bells, screams and clattering.

The La Candelaria neighborhood shows you that Bogota has a rich colonial past. Moreover, the city is a real student city with numerous university buildings. Be careful where you go. The polluted suburbs where Colombians usually live in severe poverty are not a pleasant place for a cheerful traveler like you.

Round trip Colombia - Bogota
Round trip Colombia – Bogota

Saint Augustine

A very special place in Colombia is the archaeological site of San Agustín. Here you will find mysterious statues, built by an equally mythical Indian tribe. The statues vary in height from 20 cm to several meters and consist of rock hard volcanic rock. Tombs that once held precious treasures are also well hidden in this town, which can be found in the Colombian jungle in the southwest of the country. The Indian culture is very tangible here and shows you a unique face of historical Colombia.

Round trip Colombia, San Agustin
Round trip Colombia, San Agustin

Gorgona . Prison Island

A completely different story is the prison island of Gorgona. Isla Gorgona is a beautiful tropical island that once housed the country's most notorious prison. If you were locked up here, it was unthinkable that you would ever get out. An escape by diving into the sea soon meant an encounter with deadly sharks. And well, swimming 50 km back to the Colombian coast was also a bit too much of a good thing. Today the island is mainly a beautiful place full of beautiful nature. The island is known for its poisonous snakes, so you are required to wear boots when exploring. Most tourists decide to travel to this island because the underwater world has a lot to offer here. A perfect location for a snorkeler or diver. Hammerhead sharks and humpback whales regularly float by.

Gorgona Prison Island, Colombia
Gorgona Prison Island, Colombia

San Andres & Providencia

Now that we're talking to dive One place that you should definitely not miss during your tour in Colombia is San Andrés and the Providencia archipelago. Together, these islands form one of the most beautiful places in South America. The islands are full of charm and beauty with their white beaches and swaying palm trees. You imagine yourself in a true paradise. The diving opportunities here are also excellent. So be sure to scour the coral reefs in search of the wonders of marine life. At the end of the day you can't help but enjoy a delicious cocktail on one of the quiet terraces while watching the sultry sun slowly set in the sea.

San Andres & Providencia, Colombia
San Andres & Providencia, Colombia

Port City of Cartagena

Cartagena is a special place in Colombia. This colonial city, whose history is reflected in the buildings, squares and cathedrals, has two main parts. The walled city mainly shows you the old face of Cartagena, while Bocagrande transports you back to the present with its modern shops and up-to-date resorts. Visiting the walls themselves, Las Murallas, is an experience in itself. One of the nicest places in town is Plaza Bolivar, where the locals meet and are always up for a game of chess. If you like some street entertainment, then walk to Plaza San Pedro or Santa Domingo. Fun fact: the Miss Colombia pageant is held annually in Cartagena so who knows, you might be lucky…Laguna de Guatavita

Port city of Cartagena, Round trip Colombia
Port city of Cartagena, Round trip Colombia

Colombia has several natural wonders. Laguna de Guatavita is without a doubt one of them. This crater lake is a sacred place for the Muisca Indians. As an offering they brought gold and emerald to the lake to appease the gods. The volcanic lake has an unprecedented history. For example, the legend of El Dorado can be found at this lake. The beautiful surroundings and the azure blue water make a visit to Laguna de Guatavita a real gift. If you would like to visit the Laguna, book well in advance. There is only limited access to the island!


Amacayacu . Natural Park

The Amacayacu National Park is located in the Amazon region of southern Colombia. The park, which consists of dense tropical rainforest, is known for its great diversity of vegetation and wildlife. Crocodiles, monkeys, anacondas and turtles are very common here. The park is located on the Amazon River, the longest river in the world, where you can even spot dolphins if you are lucky. To get there, take the boat from Leticia. Native Americans also live in the park, for example the Ticuna tribe. It goes without saying that you enter the park with the necessary respect for Mother Nature. Do you really want to know what jungle is? And do you want to know what it feels like to hike through a rainforest? Believe me, this park shows you unabashedly what a real jungle is. By the way, you have to face a mosquito bit be able to.

Amacayacu Natural Park, Colombia
Amacayacu Natural Park, Colombia

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