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Do you want to advertise to a very specific audience? Every day we attract many visitors who are inspired for their next trips Wereldreizigers.nl† A very nice target group to advertise for!

Website Statistics

We bought this website after roughly 6 years of shutdown in June 2020. In the first months, the website only received 5.000 visitors per month. Now that the website has been optimized and quality content is regularly posted, our monthly reach has multiplied tenfold. Many of our readers return regularly and we have already ended up in the Google News Feed a few times.

  • Our ahrefs Domain Authority is 45.
  • We currently receive about 140.000 unique visitors and 210.000 page views per month. We've been breaking a record almost every month for the past 12 months, so we're in the growth phase.
  • We have over 39.000 keywords that rank in Google, and counting.
  • We have over 24.000 followers on social media.
  • The reach of messages on our Facebook channel fluctuates between 75.000 and 190.000 per month.
  • Many readers on our website are repeat readers.
  • Travel blogging Netherlands reads our travel news page.


Below is a basic overview of the demographics of Wereldreizigers.nl† The 25-34 age group is strongly represented and 58% of our readers are women.

demography wereldreizigers.nl – December 2020

Google & mobile optimized for 2022

We understand that advertisers are looking for stability and speed. Our website is fully Google optimized and built according to the latest speed and SEO techniques. Wereldreisgers.nl is technically ready for the future: we already comply with the latest Google Core Web Vitals requirements that became more important in the Google algorithm in May and November 2021, and again in May 2022. Recently, some of our news stories have already been allowed in the Google News & Discover feed. Use it to your advantage!

Want to see for yourself how we score in Google's Pagespeed Insights? then click here..

Advertorial Rates

  • From €275 excl. VAT | Supplied article incl. 2x do follow link.
  • From € 345,- excl. VAT | We write a custom article incl. 2x do follow link.

Note: Marketing agencies that can provide assignments on a regular basis receive a 10 to 30% discount (in consultation), depending on the number of assignments per year.

Advertorial conditions:

  • Articles must relate to travel.
  • Articles should have an informative and informal character.
  • Articles are professionally written and at least 750 words.
  • Articles are posted with do-follow links.
  • A maximum of 2 do-follow links to the same domain (more domains = surcharge of 100 euros).
  • Articles will be provided with 'sponsored' tags as required by law.
  • Articles and links are posted for an indefinite period of time, but at least for two years. (This is necessary because if we ever decide to sell the website or to change pages in the future for any reason, we cannot be bound by a lifetime agreement).

Collaborations and press trips

Many other custom options are also possible. Press trips are also possible. Because we have a varied team of bloggers (in age, gender and interests), a lot is possible, even in the (very) short term.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us!



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