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Why as a Dutch person you should only play at Dutch casinos

No matter how cool it is to make a months-long world trip; there are a number of things that you really prefer to do alone in the Netherlands. For example, think of playing in an online casino. In recent years, more has become known about online gambling and more and more Dutch people are venturing into it.

You can do this anywhere in the world if you wish, including during your world trip or long trip on the other side of the globe. Or simply from the Netherlands at a foreign casino. Nevertheless, you should avoid betting money abroad in an online casino. Why that is the case, we found out for you in this article. 

Online gambling in the Netherlands has become legal

One of the main reasons to choose an online gambling game at an online casino only in the Netherlands is because you are allowed to gamble legally in our country. Since the Koa Act (Distance Gambling) has become active at the end of 2021, online casinos will be allowed to apply for a license. They will only receive this permit if they comply with a number of conditions and rules.

The advantage of this for you as a player is that you can no longer be scammed. When you win you know for sure that you will receive your money and you don't have to worry that such a casino plays shady games. At an online casino outside the Netherlands or at an unlicensed casino, you play at your own risk. When you get scammed, you have nothing to fall back on. After all, there are no rules that such a casino must officially adhere to.

Play games and gamble in your own language

What many Dutch people also like is that they can stay with a Dutch online casino like Kansino always gambling and playing games in their own language. Of course, most people in the Netherlands speak good English, especially when you travel a lot. But: when you bet money on certain online gambling games, it is nice to know for sure how the game works. And that is the best thing to understand in the Dutch language.

This ensures that such an online casino in the Netherlands is much more accessible. You can play there more easily and you don't have to worry about not understanding something. Is there still a part you want to know more about? Then you can contact customer service, which can also be reached in Dutch. That is so clear.

Wide range of Dutch online casinos

By the way, you don't have to worry that there isn't enough on offer in the field of Dutch casinos. There certainly is! Since online gambling became legal in our country, more than 20 gambling companies have already been admitted for a license. The aforementioned Kansino is one of them and has become one of the most popular providers in the entire country. Many people have started gambling during the lockdowns as a 'new' corona hobby who are only a little happy with more offer.

In addition, the future for online gambling only looks brighter with the arrival of the Koa Act. Because of this law with its rules and conditions, the market will probably continue to grow. That's great for players, because the range is increasing and because they get the certainty that they can play safely. That in contrast to an online casino from abroad that you visit from the Netherlands or via the internet abroad, such as somewhere in Asia, pays a visit.

Addiction policy in the Netherlands is well regulated

A larger selection of online casinos therefore means more choice. This is pleasant for most players, but there is of course always a part that is susceptible to developing a gambling addiction. Fortunately, a strong anti-addiction policy has been drawn up in the Netherlands, which means that not everyone can just participate in an online casino. For example, minors are not allowed to gamble; you must be at least 18, 21 or sometimes even 23 years old.

Also, such online casinos themselves actively act when you indicate that you are afraid that things are going in the wrong direction; for example in the case of an addiction. The most important thing about online gambling is that it should be fun and that it is a game; you should not see it as a way to make a lot of money immediately. That 'fun' character of online gambling games is stimulated by casinos such as Kansino, so that the risk of addiction is small.

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