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Colorful Colombia | The 5 most beautiful cities

Colombia is a colorful and diverse country. The country was once avoided by travellers, but now Colombia is high on the list of many travelers South America want to discover. The culture and cuisine of the country is also incredibly colorful. Just like the colonial cities, beautiful parks and extensive beaches. In this article you will find the most beautiful cities in Colombia and why they are worth visiting.

Medellín, the best city

Medellin is according to many travelers the best city in Colombia. The city is also called City of eternal Spring called, because of the always pleasant temperatures. It is known for its large production of fruits, flowers and coffee.

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No matter where you go in the city, you will have great views of the surrounding mountains and beautiful scenery. In the city you will also find beautiful parks and gardens, where you can see beautiful birds and other animals.

Medelin | Colorful Colombia
Medelin | Colorful Colombia

Ride the funiculars to the best viewpoints of the city. Enjoy a fresh juice and all the goodies at one of the many fruit markets. Test your photography skills Plaza Botero. You can eat out in the neighborhood in the evening The town and you have a nice walk Leureles, with its many parks and cafes.

Not only is it enjoyable in the city, it is also the perfect starting point for your trip through Colombia. From Medellin you travel along the so-called coffee belt and/or the most colorful colonial places in the region, such as Guatape, Santa fe de antioquia, Garden and Tamesis. From Medellín you can do tours of one day or several days to these important places of Colombia.

Cartagena, the photogenic city

Cartagena is the most photogenic city and the jewel in this list. The port city carries with it a colonial past that can be seen on every street corner. Some parts of the city are themselves included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Cartagena | Colorful Colombia
Cartagena | Colorful Colombia

People visit the city for its architecture and culture. The city consists of three districts Gethsemane, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. Climb it Castillo fortress and enjoy the view, walk across Santo Domingo Square and shop your shit Las Bovedas Covered Market.

While walking in the city, you will notice that there are groups of women, dressed in bright clothes, with fruit bowls on their heads. The so-called Palenqueras are the face of the city and an important part of its history.

Palenqueras | Colorful Colombia
Palenqueras | Colorful Colombia

The location of the city Caribean Sea, makes the city unique. It is therefore the perfect base for visiting the beaches and some Caribbean islands. The more adventurous traveler can also go for jungle trekking.

Bogota, the capital

Bogota, is the chaotic center of Colombia. With its many universities, entertainment districts, shops and busy roads, Bogota shows a dazzling sight.

Bogota | Colorful Colombia
Bogota | Colorful Colombia

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Take a funicular to the top of Monserrate, for the best view of the city. Get lost in the vicinity of Barrio Del Candelaria, where you will find small colorful alleys with historical buildings.

Because of its central location Bogota, the perfect start or end point of your tour through Colombia.

Cali, the salsa city

Do you always want to learn salsa dancing? Then Cali is the right destination for you. Dance schools can be found in many places in the city.

Salsa Dancing in Cali | Colorful Colombia
Salsa Dancing in Cali | Colorful Colombia

La Plaza de Cayzedo is considered the most important place in the historical center of the city. The square is surrounded by many important historical and modern buildings as El Edificio Otero, The Cathedral en El Palace of Justice.

Visit Orquideorama Enrique Pérez Arbelaez, a museum garden full of orchids or go for a challenging hike on the mountain El Cerro de Las Tres Cruces.

Popayan, the white city

The small town Popayán is located in the West of Colombia and is also called La Ciudad Blanca, or the white city. In the center you will find Spanish colonial architecture consisting of white buildings and small cobbled streets.

Popayan | Colorful Colombia
Popayan | Colorful Colombia

A well-known landmark in the city The Church of San Francisco in the historic center. From El Morro de Tulcan, the native pyramid, you have a good view of the city, especially at sunset.

Popayan is a good base for travelers who plan to travel on to or come from Ecuador.

Are you ready for a tour through Colombia? Which cities would you absolutely like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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