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Winter tip | Christmas in Alsace

For those who love the holidays and are still looking for a destination for a nice holiday in November or December, we have the perfect winter tip. Go to the Fringe Alsace! This region is beautiful all year round with its endless vineyards and cute villages, but the last months of the year are taken to the next level.

The photogenic villages with their medieval half-timbered houses are then completely shrouded in Christmas atmosphere. Christmas trees and Christmas lights are everywhere and Alsace is filled with the best Christmas markets in Europe. The perfect place to spend a (Christmas)gifts for travelers to score! We give you three winter tips for the nicest towns in Alsace to visit.

1. Eguisheim

Our favorite in Alsace is Eguisheim (Location here ). The candy-like village is close to the more famous Colmar and is unique among the Alsace villages. The street scene is defined by photogenic half-timbered houses from the Middle Ages with wooden beams and pastel-colored plaster. Combine that with colorful flower pots, a car-free zone and cobblestones on the streets and you understand that Eguisheim forms a beautiful picture.

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Eguisheim | Christmas in Alsace
Eguisheim | Christmas in Alsace

The village once started with a castle, where in the following centuries streets were built in circles. The castle is no longer there, but the ring-shaped structure is. This makes Eguisheim slightly different from most places in the region with the same beautiful half-timbered houses!

A recommended way to explore Eguisheim is to walk around the outer street circle and then visit the heart of the village. You will then walk past the most beautiful houses and most photogenic vistas. On the central square you will find a special chapel that you should not miss. Unlike many other churches or chapels from the Middle Ages, the colorful paintings have been preserved here.

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2. Colmar

One of the nicest places to visit during Christmas in Alsace is Colmar (Location here ). It is one of the larger towns in the region, so you will find twice as many lights, half-timbered houses and Christmas markets here.

Colmar | Christmas in Alsace
Colmar | Christmas in Alsace

The interesting center of Colmar roughly consists of two parts. In Old Colmar – or: Old Colmar – and in Little Venice you will find the most beautiful streets and most sights. In old Colmar it is as if time has stood still and you are walking through the Middle Ages. Streets lined with beautiful half-timbered houses adorn this part of the city. In the months of November and December they are beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas decorations. This is also where you will find most of the Christmas markets, such as on Place Joan of Arc en Dominican Square.

Sights you don't want to miss in Colmar? In addition to the always photogenic street scene, you should definitely look for the most beautiful buildings in the city in Colmar. Those are Maison La Tetes en Pfister House, both located in the old town. Also visit the covered market hall between the old town and La Petite Venise. There – and throughout the city and all of Alsace – you can enjoy a local flammküchen, also known as tarte flambée.

3. Riquewihr

Riquewihr (Location here ) is one of the smallest villages in Alsace, but that doesn't make this gem less visited. Busloads of tourists are delivered here daily in high season. They come for the medieval streets with those well-known half-timbered houses, but in the winter months there is something extra on the menu. Then Riquewihr is just a bit more photogenic with all the Christmas splendor.

Riquewihr | Christmas in Alsace
Riquewihr | Christmas in Alsace

The village of Riquewihr consists of little more than a long street with some side streets, but the inhabitants have managed to get everything out of it. Each house is beautifully preserved and a special piece of craftsmanship from the Middle Ages. The picturesque location of the town in the middle of vineyards and endless hills adds to the romantic character of the city. Riquewihr is therefore one of the most popular places to visit in Alsace for a reason.

The traditional Christmas market in December makes Riquewihr one of the highlights of Christmas in Alsace. The main street is then filled with nativity scenes, the houses are decorated in Christmas atmospheres and Christmas lights hang above the heads of visitors. Riquewihr is also the perfect destination for Christmas lovers outside the festive season. At the end of the main street you will find a great Christmas shop all year round! As a visitor you walk a fixed route along two floors of Christmas trees, Christmas balls, nativity scenes and more. That is a strange experience when, for example, it is high summer, but in the period before Christmas it is a wonderful addition to the Christmas market.

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