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What can you say about our beautiful little country? That we love windmills, Delft Blue, cheese and tulips? Or that we are proud of our flourishing cities, canals and old buildings, architectural delights, the characteristic polder landscape and the Delta Works, our sophisticated armaments against the North Sea? Because the Netherlands is so much more than the preconceived image that many tourists will have of our country!

The real Dutch city feeling

Amsterdam continues to be a huge draw for people all over the world. Many even think that Amsterdam is just the Netherlands! We also have a reputation to uphold when it comes to freedom and happiness. Weed and the Red Light District, they will always remain part of our capital. But what about the beautiful buildings, the endless canals and trendy nightlife areas? There is always something happening here, day and night. Don't forget to discover the cool city of Rotterdam with its literal highlights. The skyline of Rotterdam is known as the most beautiful in the Netherlands for a reason. And then we have The Hague, where all politics is gathered, and Utrecht with its friendly and student-like atmosphere. Groningen and Leeuwarden uphold the honor in the north, while Burgundian Maastricht and cities like Eindhoven keep the 'soft gee' in their mouths.

Country with character

Of course you think: the Netherlands is as flat as a dime, so what on earth does that country have to offer in terms of nature? Enough! Long beaches on the west coast with super cool beach bars, the quiet Wadden Islands in the north, the inland forests near the Veluwe and the Betuwe and the various rivers that meander through the Netherlands. Each province has its own character, atmosphere and typical day trips. Our little Netherlands is a country to be proud of!

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TRAVEL NEWS (press release) – June 30, 2022: Its location on the Hollandse IJssel and the Gouwe brought Gouda a lot of prosperity in the Middle Ages. Gouda is celebrating 750 years of city rights this year and is therefore putting extra water in the...

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It's spring in the Netherlands and that's why it's time to get the bike out of the shed again! Did you know that there are almost 35.000 kilometers of bicycle paths in the Netherlands? It is therefore extremely bicycle-friendly. Time to make you...

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In the past two years, covid-19 has more or less forced many Dutch people to go on holiday in their own country. But is that bad? Not at all! There are countless luxury holiday parks in the Netherlands...

Weekend away in the Netherlands

You don't necessarily have to travel far to experience the ultimate holiday feeling, the Netherlands is full of nice places and accommodations for a weekend away. The advantage is that you never have to go further than a few hours...

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