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Finland will not be a country where you think alike when it comes to travelling. Unfortunately! There is so much to see and experience in this country to the north of Europe. With its capital Helsinki, this old country of the Sami is already a good entry point. Surrounded by water, this White City of the North is the beating heart of Finland. The interior of Finland is magical. It is wonderful to drive around here. That is why many people add Finland and Lapland to their travel itinerary when they visit a tour through Scandinavia to make. The cold Lapland and the wilderness of the national parks take you to another world. Are you there in January or February? Then try the beautiful northern Lights catch your eye!

The Finnish tranquility of Helsinki

Helsinki is a modern but also green city. The parks are a breath of fresh air and the pleasant waterside terraces in the harbor also give you exactly the right Finnish peace. The market square, the amusing shops and monumental buildings show you what Finland stands for. Second city Turku is the oldest city in Finland and famous for its sweltering market in the middle of the city. Other nice cities are Tampere and Kemi.

reindeer safari

Finland, like Sweden, is a country of lakes. The lake system at Saimaa is an ideal holiday destination. Swimming and water skiing in summer, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice skating in winter. Each season has its own advantages. Travel on to Lapland and embark on new adventures. Hop on a dog sled or go on a reindeer safari, past waterfalls and bear trails. Don't be surprised if you encounter a wolf! Oh, and grab a sauna to sweat it out, that's part and parcel of Finland!

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