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Wereldreizigers.nl is the number XNUMX source of information and inspiration for anyone who loves to travel and wants to learn more about our beautiful world. We post informative articles, the latest travel news, wonderful travel stories, travel tips and itineraries daily. Get inspired! Get on board!

Now that you have read the super motivational text above, I would like to explain who we are and where we come from. First of all, I (Chris, 39) own this website. Together with my wife (Malou 33), I run this website, but the website is not just about us. Our team consists of a select group of real travel enthusiasts.

Together with the team, we want to see all the beauty of the world and are therefore constantly looking for new, special travel destinations. Every year as many beautiful places, activities and countries of our bucketlist. cross off. We couldn't imagine our lives any other way.

On Wereldreizigers.nl the different world travelers like to share their travel stories en travel tips with you. Be inspired by experienced travelers for your next holiday, city trip or maybe world trip!

Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions or do you just want to let us know how cool you think our website is? Then take contact us.

The team

Chris | Wereldreizigers.nl

World traveler in heart and soul and owner of this website. I love to travel and before I met Wereldreizigers.nl already started running a personal travel blog. I dream about new destinations 365 days a year.

At the beginning of 2020 I accidentally stumbled upon Wereldreizigers.nl. The domain name had existed since 2014, but no real work had been done on it until 2020. Shame! So I decided to contact the owner of the website. It took several months but we finally got out, Wereldreizigers.nl was acquired!

After a year of hard work, a completely new website was created, ready for the future. I decided to consult my network and contacted other travel enthusiasts to ask if they wanted to participate in this project. After all, the website is called 'World Travelers' in plural, so it goes without saying that this should also become the place for world travelers to share their stories.

– Currently somewhere in the world, because it is impossible to keep up.
– Next dream destination: Japan
– Stubborn and bold
– Life is short, make it beautiful!
- Read here all blogs from Chris

Would you like to know more about me, where I get my (travel) inspiration from and how I have organized my life as a world traveler and Digital Nomad? Then watch the portrait video of video maker Tino Kreijns below.

Tip:: Do you also want a nice portrait video of yourself? Please contact the creator of the video, videographer Tino Kreijns. You can do him here find on LinkedIn and here on Instagram.

Our team consists of a number of regular bloggers which you can find below. Also register as a blogger? Then read this message.


Malou | Wereldreizigers.nl

From an early age I have been fascinated by distant travels and other cultures. Seen many a country, but certainly not finished yet! At this age (32) I often think about how to further organize my life. When I travel, I quickly let go of that and can enjoy the here and now to the fullest…

At home I have a job in youth care. Last year I took a year-long sabbatical to go on an adventure with my husband Chris and the camper in the US and Canada and for dessert, travel in southern Africa.

– Currently in Southeast Asia
– Curious about other cultures, fond of long-distance travel and city trips
– Favorite destination: Philippines
– Next dream destination: Australia and Japan
- Read here all blogs from Malou

Ilse & Nick | @whatsournextdestination

Travel has become an important part of our lives. After I (Ilse) came back from my 8 month journey through Asia, I met Nick and immediately convinced me to embark on such an adventure together. Unfortunately, our world trip 'only' lasted 1,5 months because of corona and we can't wait to pack our backpacks again!

Since the beginning, I have been writing blogs with great enthusiasm Wereldreizigers.nl. I love sharing this knowledge with you!

– Currently in the Netherlands
– Traveling with backpacks and sleeping in hostels
– Favorite destination: Jordan
– Next dream destination: India
- Read here all blogs of Ilse & Nick

Milene & Yuri | Mygrations.nl

A photographer and engineer from The Hague. Always looking for adventure, off the beaten track and (too) crazy places. From the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the steppes of Siberia and from remote islands to snow-capped peaks. In our VW T2, on a three-masted ship or by snowmobile. The crazier, the better!

– Have completed the Silk Road to China in 2022
– Traveling in an old-timer VW van
– Crazy about adventure… and food.
- Read here all blogs of Milene & Yuri

NoFear Travel

A Drent and a Frisian have caught the travel bug and travel the world with their 4×4 camper. We are Cor and Grietje from NoFear Reizen and we will take you on roadtrip adventure.

– Writing travel stories from your own experience
– Currently in Africa
– Toyota Hilux 4×4 motorhome
- Read here all blogs from NoFear Reizen

Elin | @travel_with_eline

Traveling is my passion. In 2022 I was on the road in Austria, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, South Africa and Namibia! In the meantime I have already seen 26 countries on this beautiful world that lies at our feet. Before that I lived in Windhoek, Namibia from March 2021 to December 2021 for my studies. I would like to tell you more about this beautiful country that is still unknown to many!

Quote: “Great times never come from comfort zones!”

– Currently in the Netherlands
– Studied in Namibia
– 26 countries visited
- Read here all blogs from Eline

Ilse Praet

10 years ago I experienced my first hiking trip in Sweden. Since then I have been walking addicted. Camp under the stars, swim in icy lakes and taste pure mountain water! In 2022 I traveled across America full time with my friend Ryan in his Dodge minivan. Together we write and film our adventures and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

– Currently in Belgium
– Likes to walk and enjoy nature
- Read here all blogs from Ilse

Stefan and Laura | Traveldowetogether

Hi! We are Stefan (28) and Laura (28) and have been a couple for over 11 years, so true childhood sweethearts! We have sold our house, have (partly) resigned from our job and are traveling indefinitely. Are you curious about our adventure? Then take a look here regularly, see you soon!

– Currently in Spain
– Traveling with a motorhome
- Read here all blogs from Stefan and Laura

Madelon Donders | Return World

My name is Madelon, also known online as return world on Instagram and currently 32 years young. Ever since I was a few years old, I have been saying that I want to take a long trip and now I am finally doing that! Both my friend Thomas and I have quit our jobs and are now traveling the world!

– Currently in New Zealand
– Made a wonderful tour through Peru
- Read here all blogs from Madelon

Isa | My Travel Diary

My name is Isa and I've been traveling the world since I was 19! There is nothing better than getting to know a new culture or finally seeing that special sight with your own eyes. My passion for traveling is so great that I am currently building my life as a digital nomad and keeping my eyes open for a nice home abroad!

– Currently in Thailand
– Laos is the next destination
- Read here all of Isa's blogs

Dana Oerlemans | Always in for adventures

Hi! I am Dana, 26 years old and a great travel enthusiast. I have already been able to discover many beautiful places, but I also certainly have a long bucket list of countries that I want to visit. I love the mountains, snow and active travel, but I am also always up for a fun city trip, road trip or sun holiday. Enough to share with you!

– Lives in Zeeland in the summer and in Austria in the winter
– Favorite countries: Indonesia, Switzerland, Austria and Italy
– On the bucket list: Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, among others
- Read here all of Dana's blogs

Gert Jan | Milady Landy

Hi world travelers! My name is Gert Jan and together with Sonja I drive our Milady Landy around the world. Overland, full-time and with no fixed destination, we travel to the horizon.
Our Milady Landy is a Land Rover Defender 130 from 1998 that we have equipped ourselves as a camper, she is our residence, our tiny-house-on-wheels.

– Currently en route to Asia
– Experience with camping in winter
- Read here all blogs of Gert-Jan

NoMadness In My Bus | Digital Nomad

Liesbeth Uithol (1977) is an expert in creating location-independent business concepts. With her company NoMadness In My Bus she literally helped many people 'on their way'. They could finally realize their dream: more freedom and more travel, but with a well-run business and income.

Together with Ronald Schuurbiers (friend, 1972), Leff Onderdelinden (son, 2008), Obi (rescuedog, 2003) and Woody (rescuedog, 2019) they traveled for 7 months as Digital Nomads through Europe in their former DHL truck. Their next trip is the Silk Route; an overland route to China with the camper.

Liesbeth has one mission: to inspire and motivate everyone who has a dream to make that dream come true.

– Currently in Spain
– Location independent business
– Helps others realize dreams
- Read here all blogs from Liesbeth

love | liekethijssen.com

As a freelance copywriter & web designer I can work wherever and whenever I want and that is of course ideal as a travel enthusiast. I love the freedom it brings: pack your laptop and go! I like to share the adventures I experience with other enthusiastic travelers.

– Loves Latin America
– Career changed to be able to work as a digital nomad
– Currently in Mexico
– Loves sloths and turtles
- Read here all blogs from Lieke

TheBackpackkies | derugzakkies.nl

the backpacks

We are Merijn and Denise and since October 2020 we are the proud owners of Brumm the fire brigade bus. Actually, we were supposed to leave on a world trip in March 2020. A long cherished dream that would finally come true. Covid19 messed up all our plans and this dream is on hold for now. Brumm the fire truck is the new target!

– Traveling full-time from February 2023
– Fire bus converted into a camper
- Read here all blogs of DeRugzakkies

Lisa & Erik | Reisstel.nl

We are Erik & Lisa. For us, travel is what happiness stands for: ultimate freedom. At the beginning of 2020 we therefore gave up our jobs and sold our house to live life as full-time world travelers.

– Currently in Italy
– Dutch travel couple
– #vanlife with Fred and looking for a B&B
– Sold house and quit job for adventure!
- Read here all blogs from Erik and Lisa

Eric | scooter adventurer

What is it like to drive more than 10.000 kilometers in Madagascar on a locally bought scooter? Or on a pikipiki (scooter in Swahili) through East Africa? In more than 20 years I have visited more than 100 countries. This has resulted in a lot of priceless travel experiences, which I would like to share with you.

– Currently in Africa
– Travels on scooters
– Sold house and quit job for adventure!
– Favorite destinations: Madagascar, Uganda, Japan, India and Colombia.
- Read here all of Eric's blogs

Monique | Crazy about traveling

I am Moniek, 32 years old and I love to travel! I still have so much on my bucket list, Barcelona, ​​Indonesia, Peru, USA, Iceland, you name it! Hopefully I can check it all off someday.

– Currently in the Netherlands
– Travels to all continents
- Read here all blogs from Moniek

Front Seat Stories | @front.seat.stories

Hi! We are Marc & Loes. In our self-build bus called 'Petje' we drive through Europe and we experience the most cool things. We are on our way to Turkey and are only too happy to record this to give you a spot in our front seat. Under the name Front Seat Stories we share our adventures on YouTube and Instagram to inspire and above all to entertain. So get in, buckle up and enjoy!

– Full-time #VanlifeEurope
– Travel in a self-built bus camper
– YouTube film makers working on the series 'On the way to Turkey'
- Read here all blogs from Marc and Loes

Thom and Lianne | Whatifwefly.nl

We have both left the Netherlands for an indefinite period of time. Initially to embark on the adventure alone and find out what else there is to see and experience.

– Thom ❥ Lianne
– Currently in Bali
- Don't take life so seriously
- Read here all blogs from Thom and Lianne

Sandra and Adrian | Vandemics.nl


We have decided to leave working life for a while (one year) and go on a trip with our camper Fordtress (17). Europe is our destination! Where exactly in Europe depends on where the wind takes us…

– Traveling with the campervan called 'Fordtress'
– Traveled through Europe during a sabbatical
- Read here all blogs from Sandra and Adriaan

Sharella | Sherulestheglobe.nl

Loves mango & melts away in puppies. For my work I fly around the world, which brings me to the best destinations, hotspots & must see places. I can't keep all these unique experiences to myself! Isn't it much more fun to make your travel preparations as easy as possible?

– Colorful travel photos
– Stewardess for KLM
– Always looking for new destinations
- Read here all blogs from Sharella

Iris van Dam | The world is on my list

Hi! I'm Iris, founder of theworldisonmylist.nl and like many of us, very travel addicted! After my study in tourism I went backpacking through New Zealand for 5 months and my love for travel has grown even bigger. I now make as many trips as possible and I like to share my adventures with you through my blog and social media.

– Next stop: Rome
- Read here all blogs from Iris

Maartje and Sebastian | The Orange Backpack

Maartje and Sebastiaan are guest bloggers of TheOrangeBackpack.nl. They have been travel buddies since their tenth date to Cambodia, made traveling their job and now travel around with their travel baby and self-built camper van.

– Have made a tour through Europe with their bus
- Read here all blogs from Maartje and Sebastiaan


I love discovering new places, new people and new cultures. I recently spent four months touring South East
traveled Asia. That was really spectacular! When will you get another chance like that? Sometimes you have to create opportunities yourself. I see travel more as an investment.
So invest in yourself and explore!

– Next stop: Philippines
- Read here all of Leda's blogs

Melanie and Leon | Roads and adventures

After we had built a solid foundation and had a plan for the future, life intervened. After a serious scooter accident, our eyes were opened and we decided to get the most out of life and pursue our big dream: travelling. We have sold everything and have been traveling with our two cats since the end of 2022, spending 4 months a year in the Netherlands to work so far. In the meantime, we are looking into how traveling remains financially feasible so that we can enjoy it for a long time to come! 

– Currently traveling through Europe in their house on wheels
– Great love for photography, nature and all seasons
– Read all blogs by Melanie and Leon here

Danny van der Meijden | Travel and Travel Tips

I made my first long-distance trip when I was just 8 years old, to Tunisia. Later I wanted to see more of the world, so I traveled to Mexico in 2006. I slowly became infected with the travel virus. Every year I had a long trip planned and I was making city trips more and more often. For a school project I bundled my photos and stories on a site. At that moment I never expected that this would be the start of Travel & Travel Tips. Since 2015, I have been investing more time in my travel blog and traveling more often. Nowadays I am on the road almost every month and discover new destinations.

– Likes to visit destinations that are not very well known
– Loves the combination of cities and nature
– Great lover of Germany
– Likes to taste local beers
– Favorite destination is Patagonia. Or Bolivia or Costa Rica or Kyrgyzstan or...

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Our VAT number is NL003422437B05.


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