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China is the land of early civilization. A land of mysticism. Quirky and sometimes stubborn. China has been doing everything in its own way for many centuries. Chinese history is bursting with intrigue and cultural shifts. In the last century, for example, it was still Mao who completely shaped the immense country to his will. China is huge, versatile and completely different from the western Netherlands. That is precisely what makes China a popular travel destination. You can easily spend months traveling around this beautiful country, traveling from big cities to small mountainous villages and deserted plains. Don't forget that China is bigger than all of Europe, there are now more than 1,3 billion Chinese living there. The biggest dilemma of traveling to China mainly lies in planning your trip. There is simply too much to see!

Cities of Millions

There are many millions of cities in China. The capital Beijing (Beijing) with the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the port city of Shanghai with its intense skyline, Tianjin, Wuhan and Guangzhou (formerly Canton): each city is large and overwhelming. Culture is everywhere for the taking. The buildings, statues, temples and squares are dripping with Chinese traditions. But China is also modern. Skyscrapers keep getting higher as technology bursts at the seams. It is not for nothing that China is the country on the rise.

From tropical to desert

If you want to see more than just overcrowded cities, don't worry. In China you bump from a tropical climate in the southwest to a desert climate in the northwest. The roof of the world in the autonomous region of Tibet, more than 3000 islands, the karst mountains, wild rivers such as the Yellow River and the Yangtze, you will find special nature reserves throughout the country. The most famous landmark is without a doubt the Great Wall of China. With a length of more than 6000 kilometers, this wall is a true wonder of the world.

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