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Singapore | 10 must-sees in the cleanest city in the world

Arrived at Changi Airport in the smallest country in Southeast Asia and then…? Looking for the must-sees of Singapore? Would you like to relax in your comfortable hotel or immediately pack your backpack and race into the city? If you only have a few days, I would choose the latter. Because there is too much to see in this special metropolis, located between Indonesia en Malaysia† So many, that you probably don't know what to choose. Yummy shopping, chilling in the park, grabbing a beer in a cozy bar or an hour-long foot massage in Chinatown in between? To make it a little easier for you, we have listed the ten not-to-be-missed hotspots and must-sees in the cleanest city in the world.

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1. Botanical Gardens

The many flowers in Singapore
The many flowers in Singapore

Of course, you still want to see and do everything in flashy Singapore. But why not relax for an hour after your flight in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. It is not for nothing that this park has been nominated for a place on UNESCO's World Heritage list. From Orchard Road – Singapore's main shopping street, but we'll get to that in a moment – ​​you can reach this atmospheric park with thousands of orchids within five minutes.

The perfect place to recharge your batteries for your onward journey through Singapore. Don't forget through the rainforest – yes, rainforest! – take a stroll along the artistic creations of various sculptors. Voilà, your first must-see!

2. China Town

Chinatown is also one of the must sees in Singapore
Chinatown is also one of the must sees in Singapore

Ready to lose yourself for hours in the Singapore metropolis? I do not think so! Because there is no better start than a trip through Chinatown. The street food on Smith Street is legendary. And a short stop in The Chinatown Complex, one of the most famous shopping malls in the city, is a matter of course. But you certainly can't do without an intense foot massage at one of the Chinese or Thai masseurs in Chinatown. A half-hour massage will cost you about 30 Singapore dollars, converted about 18 euros.

Qimantra on Club Street is an absolute must. Not a shadowy tent in a back neighborhood but a well-maintained spa where you would like to massage your feet with new life. And while you're in Chinatown, visit the Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore's oldest Hindu temple. Also worth a visit: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where a gigantic Buddha will already give you his blessing for your next stay in Singapore.

3. Orchard Road

Orchard Road - shop til you drop
Shop til you drop – Orchard Road

So Orchard Road. Make sure you have determined your budget in advance or accept that your credit card will be completely drained because once you end up in this busy shopping street of more than two kilometers, believe me, your dollars will fly in all directions. Dozens of shops and malls (Ngee Ann City), designer wear (The Paragon), countless books (Wheelock Place), the latest games, gadgets and DVDs (Funan DigitaLife Mall) and mega cinemas (Shaw House and Centre) – Orchard Road is irresistible and an absolute must see. All the big brands are screaming for your attention: Gucci, Prada, Zara, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, you name it. You have to be able to handle crowds a bit, because this street is the place where thousands of tourists unabashedly spend their money every day. Golden tip: also take the underground route! All affordable shops and retailers are hidden here.

4. Gardens by the Bay | Satay by the bay

Gardens by the bay, one of the must sees
One of the absolute must sees – Gardens By The Bay
Gardens by the bay @ night
Gardens by the bay @ night

You will not soon forget a walk around the Gardens at the Bay. Not only do you have a magnificent view of this lively city and overlook the magical resort of Marina Bay Sands, you will also encounter giant glass domes with ancient trees. A unique treat of nature. In the distance you can see the Singapore Flyer, the gigantic Ferris wheel of no less than 165 meters high. And while you're there, score a spicy satay or a few spicy chicken wings in food court Satay by the Bay. Affordable and super tasty!

Do you want to see even more of Singapore, or do you not have much time but still want to explore the city? Read the blog of ensannereist.nl: 48 hours in Singapore: what to do during a transfer.

5. Sentosa island

Sentosa Island - the #5 of must sees in Singapore
The #5 of must sees in Singapore – Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the perfect escape. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and noisy traffic. Sentosa is adjacent to the city but is a world of difference. The best way to get to the island is of course by cable car. Once you have arrived on the island, it is best to rent a bicycle. All sights are easy to 'cycle' because the island has an area of ​​only 5 km2.

Yet Sentosa is surprisingly versatile. You can catch a few hours of sun on the relaxed beach with a view of the hundreds of boats that lie off the coast, pay an unforgettable visit to the Universal Studios, sky high to the 110 meter high Tiger Sky Tower (the highest observation tower in Asia), be the cool surfer at one of the trendy beach bars or just play a round of golf. Yes, all that on one island! And if you're there around New Year's Eve, you have to go to the Siloso Beach Party: the biggest New Year's party ever!

6 – Arab Street

Arab Street, Singapore
Arab Street, Singapore

Just eaten? Then also score a cold drink in one of the great bars in Arab Street. For example, walk into Blu Jazz Café. Choose a cozy table, order an ice cold Tiger beer and enjoy yourself for an hour with unabashed people-watching. Old bent-over Javanese grannies, busily talking and gesticulating Chinese, cheerful silent Buddhists and of course the well-known screaming tourists (no, of course you are not one of them!): they all pass by in random order. With the melancholy tones of Singapore's hippest acoustic jazz band as a bonus in the background. Need to say more?

7 – Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands - Must Sees Singapore
Marina Bay Sands – Singapore Must Sees

The best spot to breathlessly enjoy Singapore's world-famous skyline is without a doubt Marina Bay Sands. This gigantic resort is a unique attraction in itself. Forget the starred restaurants, casinos, theaters, the museum and the ice skating rink (!) and book one of the daily tours instead for a few dollars. These end on the top deck, the ideal place to say nothing more and enjoy Singapore's breathtaking skyline in silence. Silhouettes of gigantic buildings bathed in light. Priceless.

On the roof you will also find the infinity pool, the coolest pool ever! You only have to be a guest of the hotel to be able to take a dip in it. Do you not feel like going back to your own hotel yet and do you want to enjoy the beautiful view a little longer? Then go wild for a few hours to the pumping beats of Ku de Ta, a club located on the roof of Marina Bay Sands.

8 – Duxton Hill

Duxton Hill, Singapore
Duxton Hill, Singapore

A whole day of sightseeing makes you hungry. That's why it's a good thing there are places like Duxton Hill. In this reborn district you will find dozens of tasteful restaurants, bars and cozy cafes. Formerly dusty and gray, now hip and cool! No shopping malls and tourist attractions for a while, but delicious food and refreshing drinks. Slow down in restaurant Broth with its sticky ribs or the Italian Latteria with the tastiest Caprese in Singapore. The French cuisine of l'Entrecôte is also highly recommended. What can you eat there as a main course? Sirloin steak with French fries. C'est all!

9 – Newton Circus

Newton Circus, Singapore
Newton Circus, Singapore

Got an appetite in the meantime? Not so crazy. Walking past the many hawker centers in Singapore, you can smell the delicious authentic scents of oriental cuisine everywhere. Coriander, ginger, garlic, lime: fresh and tummy tuck dishes lure you to restaurants, small bars and roadside stalls. Time to taste the one and only satay! The best satay can be found in Newton Circus. Located on Clemenceau Ave, this Food Center is the ideal hotspot for cheap yet tasty food. Grab a table and don't forget to taste the world famous chilli crab in addition to the satay. Tasty shizzle!

10 – East Park

East Park, Singapore
East Park, Singapore

There are also special paradises to be found in Singapore. If you search well. East Park is such a special place. Our advice: rent a bike for a few dollars and take a trip along the beautiful coast at East Park. Got an appetite? Then you cycle straight to East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Imagine: sunset, a beautiful purple glow over the clear blue sea, romantic table on the beach and a dinner to die for… East Coast Lagoon is the name of this heavenly place. Don't leave until you've tried a sugarcane juice!

So much for the 10 must-sees of Singapore! Although.. Still haven't gotten enough of this fantastic city? Then we have another bonus tip!

Bonus – Geylang

Geylang, Singapore
Geylang, Singapore

Singapore is not just beautiful and enchanting. At night, go for a drink in the Geylang district, on the east of the Singapore River. Geylang is raw, direct and in your face. The neon of the clubs burns on your retina. Packed pubs, noisy karaoke bars and cheap restaurants stand side by side. But Geylang is best known for its Red Light District. Think Amsterdam but slightly different. These houses of nocturnal entertainment are not to be missed, their bright red light can be seen from miles away.

More tips: Looking for more tips for Singapore? Reiskoe.nl recently wrote a nice blog with tips for Singapore with kids and travel blog ensanneseist.nl wrote an extensive guide for Singapore in 48 hours, for example during a transfer. So check!

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