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DIGITAL NOMAD | The value of time

What is the value of time? An example: 5 years ago I came to the conclusion that just driving 🚗 to and from my rat race work life took up 430 hours of my free time each year 🤯.

value of time

Changing your life

Four hundred and thirty hours. Those are 11 full-time working weeks that I threw away every year. Almost three months! That's an insane amount of wasted time.

Since then I have my life drastically changed.

Ik was looking for a new job, very close to my house. By doing just that, I saved 400 hours of commuting per year, giving me more time to do what I WANTED to do… Play games, exercise, or learn new skills like building a website, for example.

Location independent

Fast forward a few years and I have this travel website, Wereldreizigers.nl. It started as a hobby to fill that gap of 400 hours of free time. That hobby is now a full-time business. A company with online activities that I like Digital Nomad all over the world, location independent can perform.

It just goes to show that making a simple decision (finding a job closer to home) can turn out to be a life-changing event.

If you ever feel stuck in your life, don't be afraid to make changes.

Just remember: life is short and time is precious. Don't throw it away.


Owner or Wereldreizigers.nl | Discover the world!
– Travel 3+ months per year, 10 years in a row
– 10 months USA & Canada in 2022
– Bucket List Destination: Antarctica
–Best Beaches:Philippines
– Best Food: Thailand
– Best Wildlife: Uganda
– Best City: Singapore
- Best roadtrip: Croatia

Stubborn & decisive world traveller
– Life is short, make the most out of it in literal sense.
– Never take no for an answer.
– If you think about it, DO IT!

Seen a mistake? Ask? Remark? Let us know in the comments!

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