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Hungary is a beautiful country in Central Europe. If you like the sea, then you are completely wrong here because you will not find a coastline with sunny beaches anywhere in Hungary. The country is completely surrounded by other countries such as Slovakia, Austria, Romania and Serbia. The lack of beach and sea is more than made up for by other natural disasters such as the river Danube, the immense Lake Balaton and the rock formations of the Carpathians. Budapest, the capital, located on the banks of the Danube, is the country's biggest tourist attraction. The city, known for its bathhouses and monumental buildings, is an ideal starting point for a beautiful journey through Hungary.

Water sports in the 'Hungarian Sea'

Traveling through Hungary you will mainly come across vast plains with special names such as Transdanubia, the Nagy Alföld and Kis Alföld. The Nagy Alföld in particular is special because of its extremely healthy soil. It is also called the orchard of Hungary. If you still want to take a dip and enjoy the wonderful Hungarian climate, Lake Balaton is definitely recommended. The lake is the ideal place for water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing. This 'Hungarian Sea' is the largest lake in Central and Western Europe. Along the shores of the lake are small villages where you can arrange an overnight stay for little money.

Island Festival

The large cities in Hungary are old and stately, but no less beautiful and imposing. Of course you can't skip Budapest. The famous coffee houses, the Grote Markthal, the churches and cathedrals and no fewer than eleven bridges, they all take you back in time. But Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged are also cities where you can easily spend a few days. Are you a music lover? Then try to visit the Sziget festival in Budapest in the summer.

The bands and beats of the Sziget Festival!

If you think you've seen it after Lowlands, Pinkpop, Werchter and Glastonbury when it comes to summer festivals, guess again! The Sziget Festival in Hungary has been one of the leading...

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