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The best alternative city trips in Europe | Nice and different!

Every year you sit again with the same dilemma. Which city in Europe should you visit this year? The well-known tune like London, Paris and Barcelona† Or do you choose the unknown? We have the solution. This list of the best city trips in Europe does not only take you to the well-known hotspots, but less well-known cities will also come your way. Which of these nice cities have you already seen?

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Chocolate from Bruges

You start with a short and cheap train journey (for € 19,90 from all over the Netherlands, tickets here), to our southern neighbors in Belgium† No, not Brussels. Not even Antwerp. Bruges it is! You will arrive in this historic city within an hour. Once inside the nine city gates, you are surrounded by centuries-old buildings with their distinctive roof gables.

Bruges, Belgium. For a nice mini city trip
Bruges, Belgium. For a nice mini city trip

Winding canals take you past the chocolate shop of Daya Chocolates† You can't leave the house without buying some world famous chocolate truffles.

Walking through ancient streets and past medieval buildings such as the Saint John's Hospital imagine yourself back in time. Complete with horse-drawn carriages and Flemish conviviality. A great start to a fascinating trip.

Street Theater in Avignon

After Bruges you travel (by train! – tickets) further south, to the land of champagne and fragrant blue cheeses: France† Once for your city trip in Europe, you don't stop in overcrowded Paris, but in cheerful Avignon.

Avignon, France
Avignon, France

Make sure you arrive somewhere in July because then you will find here Le Festival d'Avignon Place. Street theater at its best. There are bizarre theater acts and talented street musicians on every street corner. Jugglers, actors, comedians: artists, each with their own specialty, show their unparalleled arts here for three weeks. And there's more! Delicious dining in Le Caveau du Theatre, catch a concert in the Cloitre des Carmes (a medieval monastery transformed into a concert hall), and then end the day with a dry white wine in Restaurant Bar a Vin Le 46† Hello!

The Temperament of Seville

From the French joie de vivre to Spanish temperament. The next stop is the sultry Seville in Spain† The Walhalla in terms of city trips in Europe! Tapas bars, intimate streets with cozy souvenir shops and everywhere the passionate music of the Flemish† Seville is a unique city. You will not find the special Mudejar architecture anywhere else.

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Seville, an increasingly popular city trip destination
Seville, an increasingly popular city trip destination

Take a walk along the royal palace Real Alcàzar with its lush gardens. Also the Cathedral Giralda is definitely worth a visit. It's not often you come across a mosque that has been completely converted into a Catholic cathedral. The Alameda district is the perfect place to experience the atmosphere of Seville with the square as the lively centerpiece Alameda de Hercules† Dancing the night away!

Milan's fashion houses

From the warm Seville you make the crossing to Italy† The metropolis of Milan is waiting for you here. Fashion, football and faith come together seamlessly here. Of course you will visit Il Duomo, the main attraction of Milan.

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Milan, the fashion capital of Europe

Once inside, don't forget to take the stairs up to the roof of Il Duomo to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Milan at your feet. Ready to go shopping† First an extensive lunch in Alla Collina Pistoiese† Taste risotto the way risotto is meant to be and order Risotto alla Milanese. You do your shopping Via Montenapoleone, a street full of fashion and famous fashion houses. Gucci, Versace, Prada and Chanel, they are all there.

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Kebabs in Skopje

After the metropolis of Milan, it is time for something completely different: Skopje in Macedonia† Not the first city that comes to mind when you think of city trips in Europe. The city is divided into a new and an old part. The Stone Bridge, a landmark in itself, connects both parts. Start your visit in the Old Town.

Skopje, a nice alternative city trip in Europe
Skopje, a nice alternative city trip in Europe

Grab a terrace, order a Skopsko beer and take a look around you. Monumental buildings, cozy bars, smiling people on their way to the mosque and nice shops hidden in side streets. Skopje is not the communist run down town that many people think. On the contrary! The capital of Macedonia is bubbling with warmth and cosiness. In the new part you can shop casually and lose yourself in the nightlife. Oh, and the kebab from Destan's restaurant is the tastiest you will ever taste…

The Baths of Budapest

From Skopje it is not that far to Budapest in Hungary† The nice thing about this city is that, just like in Skopje, you are not yet overwhelmed by tourists. It is a lot busier and more famous than Skopje, but its popularity is still dwarfed by cities such as Barcelona and London. And just like in Skopje, Budapest is also divided into an old and new part: Buda and Pest, no kidding!

Budapest, one of the nicest cities in Europe
Budapest, one of the nicest cities in Europe

Buda has a long past and it shows in its buildings and streets. Pest is newer and more modern with contemporary shops and clubs. In any case, choose a visit to the city park because this is where you will find the huge thermal bath Szechenyi Furdo† Three outdoor pools and no fewer than fifteen indoor pools! The perfect time to take a break from all the traveling and recharge for the last two cities. Oh, and did you know that it was famous Sziget festival is also held here? If you want to know more about this nice city, read the article 5x the best hotspots and to do's in Budapest at Reisjager.nl.

The world famous Prague

Prague, the Golden City in Czech Republic† An absolute must-see in the list of the best city trips in Europe. The splendor of Prague shines through in its most famous landmark, the Gothic Charles Bridge. A perfect starting point for your tour of this world-famous city. It seems that if you make a wish in the middle of the bridge, it will surely come true. You can at least try.

Prague, City Trips in Europe
Prague, City Trips in Europe

Make a quick stop at the Old Town Square, the center of Prague. Palaces, St. Nicholas' Church, the clock tower and the town hall: all impressive monuments side by side. Prague is warm and atmospheric. She breathes history but still feels young because of the many students present. A walk through the Jewish quarter of Josefov makes you feel the real Prague. And if you get the chance to see a performance in the National Theater, don't miss it!

On the roof of Berlin

Berlin. The city where East and West meet. Downtown Germany with a turbulent past. But also the city that flourished again and turned into a hip city with countless clubs, bars and restaurants. The city with that famous Wall adapted and transformed itself into a bustling metropolis.

Berlin Wall - City Trips in Europe
Berlin Wall – City Trips in Europe

Of course you have to see the Reichstag, the Berliner Dom and the Brandenburg Gate here. But also opt for the less obvious outings. Go for a surprising dinner on the roof of the Reichstag. Rent a Trabant, drive from East to West Germany and feel like a Berliner for a day. Visit all the famous filming locations in this cinematic city.

Of course you can't end this city trip without taking a piece of the Berlin Wall with you. To never forget that it is not so obvious that we can travel to all corners of the world. Time to end our trip with a Berliner Weisse. Cheers!

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