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easyJet will also charge (hand) luggage in overhead bins

NEWS RELEASE – 05 November 2020: easyJet will also charge for baggage in overhead bins.

easyJet will allow passengers only one small bag to store under the seat in front of them from February 10, as the low-cost airline seeks to boost revenues from additional services and speed up the boarding process. Small suitcases or bags that cannot be tucked under the seat in front of you will have to be paid extra for.

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Current baggage rules easyJet

Currently, standard customers can fly with a cabin bag of up to 56x45x25cm that fits in the overhead storage space – ie the overhead bins, + a small bag under the seat in front of you. Until now, this policy makes it possible to place small suitcases or travel bags in the overhead storage areas.

New easyJet baggage rules

Under the new policy, passengers who want to travel with an oversized bag or small suitcase as hand luggage will have to pay an additional fee. You can also choose a seat in the front of the plane or with extra legroom. easyJet said this would be available from $7,99 but ranges in price up to $24 each way.

More efficient boarding

The Luton-based airline claimed the new rules would "improve boarding and punctuality". Those who pay higher “flexi” fares or are members of a frequent flyer program are also still allowed to bring one small and one large piece of cabin baggage. However, this depends on the space on board.

Robert Carey, easyJet's chief commercial and customer officer, said: “Punctuality is important to our customers and we know that having to place their bags in the hold at the gate due to limited space on board could cause delays. This can also be frustrating for them.

“Our new policy will improve boarding and punctuality for everyone and give our customers certainty about what they are carrying on board.”

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