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How do you find cheap airline tickets? † 5 useful tips

You have probably already read some blogs on wereldreizigers.nl and have you thought my god! How do you always find those cheap airline tickets? If you search yourself, you will never find tickets for this price, how is that possible? How do you find the cheapest airline tickets? It is no more and no less than adhering to a few simple rules of thumb. Anyone can find cheap airline tickets and book† You too can find that super deal you've been looking for for so long. The only problem is that when you start searching you often have no idea how to find cheap airline tickets. You do whatever! That is very understandable and not a problem at all, we are happy to help you on your way.

Find cheap airline tickets
Find cheap airline tickets

Rules of thumb for cheap airline tickets

In this article we are going to explain how you too can find those cheap airline tickets. Here you can read about some rules of thumb that I use as standard when booking airline tickets. Each of these rules of thumb can in itself have a huge impact on the cost of a ticket so familiarize yourself with these rules of thumb if you are looking for good deals!

1. Scheduled flights are cheaper

And especially at night! Among many major cities around the world there are scheduled flights that sometimes leave every hour. These flights are often considerably cheaper, because there is so much on offer. Early booking pays extra here, because they like to have the planes filled on time. It's up to you to find out which major cities these scheduled flights fly between and include these routes in your journey.

Plan your trip around the flights, not the flights around your trip.


It sounds obvious, but hardly anyone actually does it… Try it and you will see that it makes a significant difference in costs. Be flexible with your travel dates if another date to fly is cheaper.

What is also very striking is that night flights are often much cheaper. Some people think it's terrible, we love it. Because you are extra tired, you sleep on average more on a night flight than on a daytime flight. You just feel like you're at your destination much earlier, so give it a try!

2. School Holidays & Public Holidays

Avoid these periods especially. You will not find a cheap plane ticket during school holidays. Tickets are standard more expensive in these periods, a matter of supply and demand!

Additional benefit: there are many employers who appreciate (we know from experience) if you choose to go on holiday outside the school holidays. This is because you are there when it matters, and you do not put your own interests first. You are often even seen as a team player with a heart for the cause, because you can't leave things behind when so many colleagues have already left. Many employers will therefore be quicker to approve your long vacation or to promise just that extra week (which normally nobody gets!). Be flexible when it comes to leave requests and looking for airline tickets. Flying on Thursday isn't that bad after all!

Of course, your employer is no longer important when you make a long trip around the world, but you also have to take into account when you go on a long trip. local school holidays and public holidays to avoid paying too much.

3. One-way, one-way airline tickets

You've dreamed of going to Australia for so long, but 1200-1500 euros for a return ticket is really crazy. What now? It's actually quite simple, find a location 'nearby', relatively speaking. A destination for which you have found cheap airline tickets. For example, Bangkok is a popular destination where you can regularly find good deals, take advantage of that!

With a bit of searching I came across single tickets of 240 euros, and then you have already traveled 2/3 of the distance to Australia! Immediately a good excuse to explore Bangkok for 3 days, so that you can then fly on to Australia with a budget airline from Asia. The offer from Asia is huge, so don't be afraid! Good deals are just around the corner, if you know where to look. At the bottom of this post I will list the cheapest budget airlines.

4. Budget Airlines

Ryanair en Easyjet we all know that, but you generally don't get that on other continents. That's not to say it's useless! They can take you to the edge of Europe for a small price, to fly on from there. Even more important to know is that you have budget airlines on other continents with very cheap airline tickets. There are countless flights that can be booked for a few bucks! Do you know for example AirAsia of? Cebu PacificJetstarSkyscanner is one of the few ticket comparators that includes all these budget airlines in the search results. Check it out!

5. Flexibility

I cannot emphasize this enough, search a lot, search often, take your time, open multiple screens and let those ticket sites do their job! Yes, this is boring, and you don't feel like it, but now is the time to save. An hour or two of good searching can save you a few hundred euros. You can't beat this!

Check the same flight on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on. Usually the midweek days are the cheapest, but sometimes Saturday suddenly turns out to be much cheaper. So be sure to check them all out!

Don't put any restrictions on yourself by only wanting to leave on Saturday and come home on Saturday.


For example, I personally love coming back to the Netherlands on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Why? With possibly 1 day of rest, quickly back to work and then you have the weekend again after 2 or 3 days. So you don't have to start with a full working week, which in my experience is much harder after a long vacation. The first day can be tough, but if your second working day after your holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday, you are secretly very happy that the weekend is just around the corner...

Are you ready to start booking flights? Then go to FlightBooks.nl and start searching! Do you have any other good tips for finding cheap airline tickets? Let us know in the comments!

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