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Arugam Bay: more than just a surfer's paradise

Arugam Bay is a nice destination that you can add in your itinerary through sri lanka between Ella and Tissamaharama. These 2 destinations are active and it is nice to have a chill destination in between. The town has a long street where plenty of nice shops and restaurants can be found. When you like yoga then you have come to the right place in Arugam Bay. Upon arrival, you are immediately confronted with the many yoga schools that are located here and you can participate in a session on the beach, for example. Even if you are not yet into yoga, you can participate in a lesson for beginners. A nice experience!

Arugam Bay is known as the surf spot from Sri Lanka. In coastal towns like Mirissa en Unawatuna you will not find the waves like you are going to find in Arugam Bay. But what if you (like me) don't want to surf? So is Arugam Bay still a place you should add to your Sri Lankan itinerary? I went there to find out if this is so!

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How to get to Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Unlike other destinations in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay cannot be reached by public transport when you come from Ella. However, in Ella you can easily find a minivan ride books that you share with other travelers. This ride is very chill and indoor 3,5 Hours you are in Arugam Bay.

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Things to Do in Arugam Bay

When you don't go surfing, you have 1 or 2 full days enough to see most of Arugam Bay (and chill too). Arugam Bay is 'hidden' between large nature reserves in Sri Lanka, so it is possible that you encounter animals in this region (see the end of this blog).

1. Sun, sea, beach, shops & restaurants

If you don't want to or can't surf doesn't mean you can't just watch, right? Nice from your towel on the sand. Why not?! The beach in Arugam Bay is beautiful and is perfect for relaxing all day. Arugam Bay also has very nice shops and there is plenty of choice in terms of restaurants!

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

2. Elephant Rock

In about 20 minutes you travel from the center of Arugam Bay to the Elephant Rock where you have a beautiful view of the whole area. We had one ourselves tuktuk arranged to take us there. He will then wait for you (you agree on a time) and will also bring you back to your accommodation. Pay close attention to the area and make sure you get out before dark. In this area there are elephants and crocodiles and you don't want to meet this one..

3. Muhudu Maha Viharaya

From the beach in Arugam Bay (see point 1) you can already see the Muhudu Maha Viharaya temple. This temple is completely white and therefore not to be missed. The temple is located in the neighboring town of Pottuvil which is within walking distance of Arugam Bay. When going to visit this temple, make sure you wear appropriate clothing (shoulders and knees covered).

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Best time to visit Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

High season for Arugam Bay is June to August† The waves seem to be the best then, so you can imagine that the surfers flock to this spot. I myself have been in Arugam Bay in the month of August and I thought it was not too busy in terms of crowds. Shops and restaurants in Arugam Bay are of February to October opened.

Where are you going after Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Most people (including me) continue their journey from Arugam Bay to Tissamaharama to do one or both safari parks to visit. Yala National Park or/and Udawalawe National Park. In Arugam Bay you can again (just like in Ella) book a minivan ride to Tissamaharama. Make sure the minivan is completely full so you can share the cost for this ride. If you are lucky, this minivan ride can end in a safari and unforgettable experience. On our way from Arugam Bay to Tissamaharama we came across an elephant and her young!

Tip:: A safari in Minneriya National Park is also very beautiful and special, as can be read by our colleague from Travelalut.com.

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka
Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

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