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Vanlife in Greece: why we have been enjoying here for more than 3 months

We have been enjoying vanlife in Greece for over 3 months now! We definitely did not expect that when we arrived here in early November. But, by the strict lockdown which applies here, everything went a little differently than planned. The first 5 weeks we almost didn't leave our apartment, but in the meantime we have explored the Peloponnese quietly with our camper Fred. All we can say is that van life in Greece is delicious! In this article we would like to tell you why.

Beautiful nature and culture in Greece

The Peloponnese is the largest peninsula of Greece† It consists of beautiful mountain scenery where you can enjoy hiking, but it also has a breathtakingly beautiful coastline with the most blue water you can imagine. We had no knowledge of this beforehand. As far as we are concerned, the Peloponnese should get a little more fame!

But the authentic villages and harbors are also beautiful here. Because of the winter and of course because of the coronavirus, it is super quiet in Greece. In that respect an advantage. We can quietly view all normally touristic, busy places. We do need to bring our passport and a note stating what we are doing. The valid reason in that case can only be 'exercise'. Fortunately it has gone well so far.

So we absolutely enjoy all the beauty in Greece and traveling with the camper definitely contributes to that. It is easy to travel from one beautiful spot to another beautiful spot. By using the paid version of the Park4Night app, we can filter on the most beautiful spots. That also brings us directly to the next topic.

Sleeping with a sea view

Wild camping in Greece is officially not allowed, but it is tolerated. And that is of course super nice for all vanlifers! Because, what could be nicer than sleeping on the beach with a sea view, or parking near your favorite highlight? We especially enjoy the beautiful beaches, because the well-known places such as Acropolis are not accessible due to the lockdown. Really enjoy, because even in winter it is here between 15 and 20 degrees. So you certainly won't hear us complaining about vanlife in Greece.

Yoga and coffee in the sun

Also a bit in line with the previous topic, but we really enjoy our morning ritual. Waking up with the sun shining on the bus, opening doors and enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun. Then find a nice spot around the bus for a nice yoga session and then the day can start for us. We have now made this a routine and we really like it! 

Hospitable Greeks

The Greek people are very hospitable and helpful! Despite the fact that tourism is on the back burner due to the lockdown, the Greeks make us feel more than welcome. We are treated to free coffee and goodies at the bakeries, but we even brought bags full of oranges or even Greek meals to the camper. The Greeks were also very helpful during our search for gas for the camper. In addition, we always get a friendly 'Yassas' (greetings in Greek) or a raised hand when we are out and about.

Wonderful ways to roadtrippen

The roads in Greece are good and that makes it extra nice to drive around and take a short roadtrip to make from one place to another. The view on the way continues to surprise us! The places to have a coffee or have lunch at the camper are therefore up for grabs. But also driving through the cute villages and then stopping at a bakery are among the highlights. Especially now that during the lockdown are the only possibilities to get something delicious outside the door!

In short, we really like vanlife in Greece. As far as we're concerned Greece the ideal motorhome country† Especially when the lockdown is over again, we can only imagine that it will be even nicer to travel around here as a vanlifer. In the middle of summer, the beautiful spots on the beach can be crowded, but with the help of the right apps and the occasional chance to take the less traveled paths, we're sure you'll find some beautiful gems .

Want to know more about Reisstel.nl?

Are you curious about the continuation of our journey? Then you can follow us on our Instagram page @reisstel.nl and web site, www.reisstel.nl† In addition, we will Wereldreizigers.nl write an update every week! Until next week!

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  • Inglese:
    Greece is number 1 for me! Such beautiful photos you took!
    But, yassas doesn't mean greetings, yia means hello. If you add sou, you say to 1 person: Yassou!. Hi to you! If you say yassas, on the other hand, you say: Hello to you (both or several).
    Thanks for an incredible site!

    Grekland är nr 1 for mig! Så fina foton ni tagit!
    Men, yassas betyder inte hälsningar, yia betyder hej. Lägger du till sou så säger du till 1 person: Yassou!. Hey pa dej! Säger du yassas däremot så säger du: Hej på er (båda eller flera stycken).
    Tack för en otrolig sida!

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